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  1. Engine swap fantasies..
  2. Need advice on new Baja brake system.
  3. Harden steel rod in place of cotter pin?
  4. Aluminum gas tank bung to use 56-61 reserve valve
  5. CNC Cutting Brakes
  6. Dual sport rail
  7. Almost done with engine wiring
  8. Ever heard of a Heavy Duty Type 1 Nose Cone?
  9. Green baja booger build
  10. Farmin’ Ghia (I need some advice)
  11. For those of us without heat risers
  12. advice needed for mid travel coil over conversion
  13. Carb Heat
  14. Has anyone ever done the apply for title?
  15. This might not be a great idea for front suspension
  16. Frozen tires
  17. beefing up the trailing arm mounts
  18. Does anyone know the thread size on the left side link pin
  19. Carrying capacity of the beetle frame
  20. Bearing Blow-out! Spindle question...
  21. VW AAZ no coolant flow to heater
  22. Gauges
  23. Questions about steering setup
  24. Weber for water cooled Vanagon engine
  25. micro stubs question
  26. 28x9.50/15 interco
  27. Help with spring plate stop
  28. Out of curiosity, who were the pioneers of the off road VW?
  29. Fuel line that runs through the tunnel
  30. Transaxle stiffener ribs ???
  31. Tire Selection - Yoko/MT/BFG??
  32. Ignition switch failed
  33. Converting an irs to swing?? Help
  34. cannon exhaust uneven
  35. Looking for a Honda v6 swap page
  36. Splined Shaft for Type 1 CV Joints
  38. Brakes – Master Cylinder Recommendation
  39. Alternator Identification?
  40. Roller throttle tube
  41. Subaru VSS - what am I missing?
  42. Please help with Alt/Oil switch wiring
  43. Here's a great deal on some tires if you need a couple....
  44. ten degree mount
  45. Baja 1000 spectator / Going to the races!
  46. increasing link pin size on trailing arms
  47. how to properly shim spindle to trailing arms help needed please
  48. Thing style torsion housing truss
  49. Krazy's class 5
  50. boxed rear arm plans?

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