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Common Topics
Engine Identification
Valve adjustment with photos
Fuel pump rebuild jig
Headlight glass
Cleaning the oil bath air filter
Headlight Assembly process
1960-61 horn assembly
Speedometer disassembly
Speedometer reset
Turn signal switch repair
Vacuum Can discussion
Long studs and valve adjustment (40hp heads)
Winter storage / general vehicle storage
Metal fuel line replacement
Fuel tap rebuild
White Wall Tires
Bosch coil part numbers
Essential Spares and Tools
Seat differences
Bosch generator cross reference numbers

General Topics
Official "What oil should I use" topic
GL 4 or GL 5 - "Official Gear Lube Topic" (Transmission fluid)
Wiring terminals and crimping tool

Beetle FAQs
Pictures of tire, wheel, and suspension thread for FAQ's
Official "Link Pin" lowering topic
Official "Ball Joint" lowering topic
Drop plate installation step-by-step
6 volt to 12 volt?
64 Wiper motor 6v to 12v build
Official whine about Beetles and parts for sale topic
Brake Bleeding
School me on the 1967 one year only stuff
Lowering the rear
Winter Storage
How to: Open a stuck hood
Installing 2.5" Drop Spindles On A '64 Bug With Drums
Shift rod bushing - how to?
34 pict -3 idle problems/troubleshooting
34 pict -3 idle problems/troubleshooting DVDA flange # carb modification to work with SVDA
Comparing stock Solex carbs to each other, and to the H30/31
EMPI reproduction 30PICT-1 Carburetor - An in-depth review
Level of fuel in carb bowl: how to set & what to check
replace ball joints
How To: Metal fuel line replacement w/pics
Fuel Line Diagram
Fuel pump rebuild jig
Early headlight bucket assembly made easy.
Headlight paint color
Headlight lens identification
Locking front brakes and reproduction wheel cylinders
Clearing/unclogging the intake manifold pre-heater tube
Clearing the heat riser tube
Alignment Specs
Headliner Year-to-year differences
Cloth Headliner installation
Timing Marks on Stock Pulley
Hubcap clips
Long vs. Short heads studs and valve clearances for both
Visual comparison of tune-up parts
Location of Convertible Karmann Badge
Convertible tonneau cover
Fender identification with photos
Fender identification - German or Aftermarket / Reproduction
Correct driver's side mirror
Converting over to snowflake taillights
Clearancing bell housing for 12 volt flywheel
1967 Tool Kit and some other toolkit discussion
Ragtop mechanism removal
Window trim installation tutorial - US Spec Window Trim
Distributor vacuum can information
Installing pop out windows
Original key shape
How to re-key your front door locks
Beetle Air Cleaners
Drop plate installation step-by-step
all about dealer installed a/c in a 61-67 beetle
H4 Hella Euro headlight restoration
Installing a narrowed beam (BJ) step by step (lots of pics) ** new **
Defrost Assembly Made Easy - Defrost hose redo
Wheel balancing / Dynabeads
Steering Wheel and Horn Ring Differences
Vent Wing Rubber
Vent Window Lock Replacement
Wiring convert dome light switch
36hp vs 40hp warm-up parts differences
Carb to intake manifold leak (Tutorial)
Vent Wing Window Rivet Replacement ** new **
Hella B31/6V Horn Restoration
Template for the front turn signal location

Year or vehicle Specific topics
Please see Beetle Year-specific / Registry Topics

Low Mileage or other noteworthy cars
1964 with 22 original miles (Black Beauty)
Original 1963 Beetle Gulf Blue 59k miles
1963 22,000 original miles
Low Mileage Barnfind '63

VW Training Videos on Youtube

The Obsolete Air-Cooled Documentation Project
Beetle Parts book from the above site
May, 1960 Beetle Parts book

Beetle - 1958-1967 information available on The Samba
VIN Numbers
Paint and Upholstery combinations
Wiring Diagrams
Production Figures

EverettB Wed Jun 28, 2006 9:26 am

Common nut and socket sizes:
Quote: Here are some conversions that can be used:
9/32" ~= 7mm Brake bleed screws, 7mm is way better.
5/16" = 8mm Good fit either way, get a yellow handled nut driver! Smile
7/16" = 11mm Flare nut wrench for brake lines and internal transmission gear mesh adjustment Wink
1/2" = 13mm Sometimes 1/2" fits better than a real 13mm! Smile
9/16" ~= 14mm Only good in a pinch Sad
19/32" = 15mm Prob'ly your engine head nuts and the bolts that hold your front brake's baching plate on. Just got an old craftsman offset boxed end with 25/32" on the other end and that happens to = 20mm! Smile
5/8" = 16mm An open end can be used to hold a brake line junction block. Otherwise, not needed?
11/16" = 17mm Nuts that hold the engine on? Smile Flare nut wrench for
brake lines. Nuts and bolts for the shocks.
3/4" = 19mm Wheels! I use a 3/4" offset boxed end for that, just step on it and the wheel bolt loosens or tightens, easy as pie.
Nuts and bolts to hold the spring plate and rear axle hub.
13/16" = 21mm Spark plugs and prob'ly your oil drain plug and generator pulley nut.
7/8" = 22mm -not used?
15/16" = 24mm -not used?
1 1/16" = 27mm Steering wheel nut
1 3/16" = 30mm Crankshaft pulley bolt
1+1/4" = 32mm Another wierd one inside the transmission.
1+7/16" = 36mm Flywheel bolt (gland nut) and axle nuts.

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