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EverettB Mon Aug 04, 2003 3:13 pm

New Accounts:
1. Click on Register above. A valid email address is required.
2. A confirmation email will be sent to your email immediately. You must click on the activation link in this email to activate your account!
Tip: If you use a free email service like AOL or Yahoo check your "Spam" or "Bulk Mail" folder.

Activate an Existing Account:
(if you get a message saying your email is already in use when you try to register or if you have an older account you have forgotten the login information)
1. Click on Log in above, then click on Forgot my password
2. Enter your username
3. You will receive an email with a temporary password.
4. Log in with this temporary password, then click on Control Panel at the top of the site to set your password, username, and options.

Login Problems - Tips:
1. Forget your username? Click on "Forgot Username" on the Log in screen.
2. Forget your password? Click on "Forgot Password" on the Log in screen to receive a new, random password to your email. Example: jxwGcsiM - you must enter this password EXACTLY as it appears.
Once you log in, click on Control Panel in the upper left of the site to reset your password back to something you can remember.

You get logged out of the site - Tips:
Receive a "Page not found" error or do you get the login page again after clicking on Manage or Place an Ad?
Try the following:
1. "Clear your cookies" in your web browser and try again.
2. You might have a firewall or other piece of software that blocks the site from checking that you are logged in behind the scenes. Try adjusting your computer settings by either marking as "safe" or reducing your Internet Security from "High" to "Medium".
3. Login directly at the login screen, then go to the Classifieds section and click on Manage or Place An Ad.

Your Classified ad was not submitted - Tips:
1. Are you getting the confirmation screen when you place an ad? Unless you get that screen - "Thank you for submitting a Classified ad" - the ad has not been placed.

It is possible that you are using too many photos or photos that are too large and your web browser is timing out. Make sure your photos(s) are each under 600 KB in size. Under 150KB is even better. If you have a lot of photos and most of them are over 100-150 KB each, you may want to try placing the ad with only one photo at first. You can add the remaining photos right afterward.

Email me at [email protected] and I will help you.

If you are emailing about username/password problems, you must email me from the email address you used to register.

Thank you for using

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