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a57oval Mon May 02, 2005 8:59 am

Anybody have any dealings with him?

Were they good? were they bad? I have a 36 hp engine that consists of all no parts that needs to be very carefully assembled. I need to know whoever does it is meticulous in theeir detail work. His pics of varoius engines look great but I was hoping for first hand information. Thanks for the help,

DaveM Mon May 02, 2005 9:03 am

Joe is a stand up guy... I've dealt with him in the past and never had a problem. I think he can be slow at times but then again, anyone I can think about that deals with meticulous, vintage work, is slow, me included. Rome wasnt built in a day.

Lance Gregory Mon May 02, 2005 10:14 am

I have not dealt with Joe personally, he did work on my motor through Lenny Copp, but I can say that he did a great job and my engine runs great.
Good Luck.

RareAir Mon May 02, 2005 7:15 pm

Are you having an Okrassa-based motor built? If you are, Joe may be the one to build it. But if it's just a stock motor, there are quite a few vintage-oriented people you can try. Bob Mohler seems to be a popular choice

[email protected] Tue May 03, 2005 8:35 am

Joe is a great guy. Very easy to work with and an absolute perfectionist for details.

He's done quite a bit of work for me and built a 25hp motor for a friend.

In my personal experiences, I've had some small glitches with a carb where the float stuck, I also had a Gernerator that was assembled incorrectly and it shredded a pulley and belt.
The parts looked great but the functionality for a car I wanted to drive suffered.

Case in point - Last time I worked with him, he wasn't starting his engines, they never saw oil before they were shipped and were not test run. In my opinion, you want to test run, tune, adjust, ect.. for a "Turn key" motor.

So, at the end of the day, if you're going for show, great looks, ect.. you can't go wrong. If you're aiming for driveability, make sure that the assembly process is dialed in and the motor has been bench tested before taking posession.

Just my .02$ worth.

aggro_jo Tue Jan 09, 2007 8:07 am

Just concluded a deal with Joe and couldn't be happier.

He is obviously on top of his game and I would not hesitate to do business with him in the future.

Eric Outland Tue Jan 09, 2007 11:24 pm

Joe Ruiz is Forthwrieth in his bussiness dealings when it comes to Volkswagens or Porsches or anything for the matter. joe's Quality of work is second to none and Joe has spent many hours researching for customers the correct part or excessorie that came or was offered from the vendor on there car.

Mr Ruiz has aided me in several ocasions with always good communications as well as part availability. If Joe doesn't have what you need on hand 99.9 % of the time he will find it for a nomimnal Fee. Joe ruiz is an asset to the VW community and if your in need on any VW Part hard to find or not give Joe call you be glad you did Eric Outland (VMR)=Vintage Motor Restorations 8)

Sumguy Mon Mar 23, 2009 8:29 pm

Completed a couple of transaction's with Joe , a very good guy to deal with and product's as described. On top of that very fast shipping !!

Ascort Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:13 am

I purchased a number of Okrasa items and had them shipped to Australia.

The transaction went well and the delays in receiving the goods were not Joe's fault, and he provided assistance in checking on the shipping problems.

In summary, I was very happy with the dealings with Joe and would deal with him again without hesitation.

Offy 220 Tue Sep 09, 2014 10:48 pm

I sent Joe my new WW dual port Solex 36hp carbs for modifications and his Okrasa fuel line. Joe is a great communicator and is very helpful answering questions. His turnaround time is quick, even though the tubing was back ordered he kept me informed on his progress. Joe is highly recommended!

sconord Tue May 05, 2015 7:40 am

I have waited to write a review to make sure I had a accurate picture.

In Nov, I called and ordered a 36hp long block from Mr Okrasa. Joe advised me that it would be about 8-12 weeks and we agreed.

Middle of Jan, rolls around and Joe had everything ready. He shipped it as promised without any hiccups.

I received the long block in one week. Opened it up and it was beautiful.
Put the entire engine together and drove it. I have about 6000 miles on it now, including a drive from Texas to NJ. This car is my daily driver.

It purrs and I am confident the Joe built me a great engine.

I will and do recommend Mr Okrasa for early engine rebuilds.

Thanks Joe !!!

SGKent Tue Aug 04, 2015 9:52 pm

Joe just sent me back my 091 case from chromating. Joe was a great guy to deal with, he is methodical. He documented the arrival and departure of the case - it was packed exceptionally well. I requested it be expedited so his plater had some extra cost in there due to my request but other than that the cost was in line with what I expected. Joe kept me informed at every step of the way. The case came out very nice. It is a 1977 091 CP case - so that has more aluminum in it than most of the parts in earlier cases etc he works with, but the color is even and clean - well within the specs for the chromate process used. I'd have no problem using Joe's services again. Thanks Joe.

before but after thorough cleaning

after process - very hard color to photograph, and the deepness of the gold depends on lighting.

with camera flash added

easy e Sat Dec 12, 2015 1:28 pm

Joe inquired about some parts I had for sale. He knew what he was looking for & paid promptly. Very smooth transaction.
Thanks Joe,

Bill Dykes Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:21 pm

Joe rebuilt a pair of the WW Okrasa carbs for me. They look really nice. Thanks,Joe.

J A Red Fri Sep 09, 2016 12:34 pm

Just sent a couple WW carbs down to get re-bushed and new venturies and jets installed. He advertises a fast turn around. He had the work done and the carbs ready to be shipped back within 24 hrs of receiving them. 2 thumbs up!

vdubjim Tue Nov 22, 2016 9:44 am

My carb resto took 6 months, everytime I contacted him it was one excuse or another until I found out the real reason...... Our Trade for NOS parts for this rebuild deal he no longer wanted, when I offered the $800 instead of trade, they were instantly found and ready the next day. Yay me. :(

Big_E_Deluxe Mon Feb 27, 2017 8:09 pm

I recently had Joe build a 36hp "stroker" long block using a Wolfsburg West "Okrasa" kit for my '58 Beetle. I asked a lot of questions, some stupid, but he always took the time to answer them. I also had Joe rebuild my new W.W. carbs to Okrasa specs and perform some recommended work to the heads. Joe is very meticulous and provides plenty of pictures during the build. I've never had an engine so clean! The long block is in transit from CA to NC as I write this. The engine will be assembled by my local VW mechanic using a lot of great parts from other Samba vendors (Glenn Ring, Ed Fall, Rick Clark). Joe's build time was reasonable (6-7 weeks) and the transaction was smooth. So far I'm very happy, I will update once we get our hands on it, get it assembled & running. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Joe again. Thanks Joe.

EverettB Sat Jun 19, 2021 9:22 am

Joe bought a few different parts from me recently.

Everything went very well.

[email protected] Thu Dec 02, 2021 5:54 pm

I bought an engine from Joe back in 2019 and just now finally got around to putting it together for my car. I had some problems with it and reached out to Joe to see if he had any advice for my issue. I thought I would have to end up paying for another motor, but Joe had me ship mine back to him and he solved my problem! I only had to pay for shipping, which saved me probably several thousand dolllars!

I am extremely grateful for all the help and I would recommend him to anyone!! I will not hesitate to buy from him again!

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