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Below is a list of important threads / topics which will answer many of the frequently asked questions along the lines of Suspension and Parts. None of the Technical or Discussion Topics are locked and are therefore all active for discussion and your questions. Feel free to contribute to any of these threads, regardless of how long they have been idle. Check back here often for added threads and references.

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General Forum Information Forum Rules
Fiberglass Buggy/Manx Forum
How to post a photo in the Forums
Off Road VWs Image Gallery
Please Upload Your Photos To The Samba Gallery...Why?

based on the VolksRodders Forum Index by Kubel Nick

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Technical Topics
Parts / Problems / General FAQ
Front Suspension
Rear Lift and CV's
Baja Kit Installation Instructions
Combo spindle install with drum brakes
10 Degree Bus to Bug Trans Mount
Transmissions For Dummies (by Daniel G)
Buggy Wiring
Water Cooled Q&A
IRS Conversion
wiring from scratch
Metal Information and Specs
Super Beetle as a Baja
Adjuster installation walk-through
Correct orientation for Latest Rage 3x3 arms
Types of Steel
Tires Tires Tires
Zenith Carbs
*Building a Widened BJ Beam
**Roll Cage Image Compendium

Stock suspension setups for all US imported model type 1 with manual transmission:

-65: short axle (26-11/16") short spline swing axle, five lug linkpin front end.
66: short axle (26-11/16") short spline swing axle, five lug balljoint front end.
67: intermediate axle (27-13/16") long spline swing axle, five lug balljoint front end.
68: long axle (28-7/16") long spline swing axle, four lug balljoint front end
69+: IRS long spline, four lug balljoint front end

*4X4 conversion topics:
subybaja wrote:

Buy Synchro van.
Strip Synchro drivetrain.
Weld crapload of mounts.
Kick Jeep ass.

HamburgerBrad Sat May 06, 2006 3:41 pm

Discussion Topics
Member Introduction (Tell us about yourself)
Frappr! Member Location Map
Off-Road Parts Links
Baja club in so cal
callin all baja's in Phoenix area
Phoenix Bajas' Unite!!!!
What to look for in a Baja Project Bug

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External References Tech Talk
CV Joint Polishing
Gear Ratios!
VW Beetle Model Year Changes
Transmission Information
Baja Exhaust
Harness Installation Tips, Crow Enterprises
Custom and Commercial Wheels
Tube Bending Tech
Steel Gauge Chart
Chirco Project Baja (Excellent Tech References)
CV axle assembly and clocking
CV Joints 101
Axle Length Measurement Instructions
VW Rear Height Adjustment
*California Vehicle Code
**Dirtopia, the Off-Road Encyclopedia

reverse the numbers for lift value when using stock length trailing arms:

HamburgerBrad Sat May 06, 2006 3:42 pm

Baja Bugs and Buggies - Jeff Hibbard
How to Build a Dune Buggy - Earl Duty
How to Modify Volkswagen Beetle: Suspension, Brakes & Chassis for High Performance - James Hale
Chassis Engineering - Herb Adams
Pocket Ref - Thomas J. Glover

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