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QDog Thu Apr 27, 2006 11:16 pm


You could install a less flashy speaker in the door boards. I like Kenwood products, but these were not my first choice. They look a little too busy for my taste, but I picked them up for a 25% off clearance price. I guess we all have our price.


lovedavdubs Fri Apr 28, 2006 1:28 pm

Well it appears that my good fortune continues :evil: I got my package this morning from Fedex. Take a guess what was NOT in the box. Yup, some low life scum bag tore into the box and stole my stereo in route to me. I was really looking forward to installing it this weekend. So much so that I nearly killed the delivery man. How's that expression go "don't shoot the messenger" :roll: I guess the project is on hold for now. Or at least until I shake this damn black cloud from over my head :cry:

vwjedi Sat Apr 29, 2006 8:09 am

So lame! :x

Maybe you should shoot the messenger, I used to work for UPS as a truck loder at a major Jacksonville hub. The security there was tight beyond belief. There were clocks evrywherre so you couldn't wear a watch or jewlry to work, that way you had no excuse to wear any out. :wink:

The whole place was surrounded by barbed wire and an electronic camera/sensor system, you were wanded and made to put all your pocket's belonging through an X-ray machine, they knew the employees were their biggest risk of theft. Therefor it leaves little doubt that missing parcels and empty boxes are prehub or delivery drivers only. I hope you get this resolved soon. Sorry about your luck mang.

Mad-Max Sat Apr 29, 2006 9:58 am

used Lightning audio amp-walmart $40

Used Kenwood Cd player $40

1 sub-$30

Stock speakers... :(

shorepig Sat Apr 29, 2006 3:52 pm

The best sound staging setup for your vanagon is to mount either 6.5 or 5.25 inch woofers by your window cranks (for mids), with the westy extenders, and then mount tweaters on your air vents. Mounting the tweeters there allows you to point it right at your head (highs only work
well is they are pointed at the listener), and you can run the wire for the tweater behind the dash and through the vent opening. You can use adhesive to mount the tweeters or screw em in. A good set of component speakers will run you about $200+, but it is well worth it! The 4 inchers should be burned, or kept for resale....

Do yourself a favor, and line the inside of your door (on the metal) with some sound deadening material while you have the door panels off. If you want some good filler in the back mount some 6x9's under the bench, and if you need more deep base, install a Sub Woofer in a box.

If you are going to buy some decent speakers, make sure you have an amplifier to match them. Good speakers will sound like junk off the decks amp! I have 2 amps in my van. 1 four channel for the 6x9's and front components, and 1 mono amp for my woofer. People laugh at me when i tell them about my stereo.....the money i spent, etc. When they hear it...feel it...they love it..want it...need it! Watching DVD's on rainy camping weekends is awesome in the my homw stero anyday![/img]

Dogpilot Sun Apr 30, 2006 4:39 pm

I put some Pioneer 3" two way speakers in. They fit the origional hole, and then got some origional VW metal grills ($10 on ebay). The grills will eaisly clear the window handles and have a very clean look. The van came with some 6" Pioneers in the rear bench with a Pioneer amp under the seat. A bit a balance tweeking made it sound a lot better.

I also put the iPod adaptor that goes into my AUX input on the Panasonic Stereo. I just plop the iPod into the ash tray and it fits great. The red switch is the batt1 batt2 switch power source for the stereo.


btlbugtyp1 Wed May 03, 2006 4:41 pm

i just found that jaguar speakers fit almost perfectly .....they are from a 87 jag xj6 [img][/img]

Mad-Max Wed May 03, 2006 4:45 pm

there u go. you forgot to include .jpg

btlbugtyp1 Wed May 03, 2006 5:49 pm

thanks .......i feel like a dope :lol:

Mad-Max Wed May 03, 2006 7:03 pm

a mandatory year of web page design and all i learned was some img codes

lovedavdubs Sat May 13, 2006 6:39 pm

THIS JUST IN...My brand new Pioneer 680MP head unit \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

The speakers will go in next week. JBL 5 1/4" up front w/ tweeter on the ceiling, and 6 1/2" Kickers in the rear cabinet More photos to come :wink:

msinabottle Sat May 13, 2006 10:39 pm

That is one NICE looking unit, LVVDB!

How's it cope with CD's full of MP3's? My older system is rigged to accept the input from a nice little Panasonic portable player I have, and the results have been very good.

Salud on getting it, getting it in, and getting it on!


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