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TinCanFab Wed Jun 07, 2006 5:17 pm

its in a street car- got it to idle today for the first time since break in and in car. I'm looking for suggestions on what to do next.
-MSD system/distributor, not locked out completely but advance bushing changed for 24 deg advance total.
-t3 with holley 500 two barrel draw thru, 1 1/2 header with no muffler
-2017cc cnc 044 roundport heads 42 x 37, 5.4 rods, cb super race crank, balanced wedgemate by DMS, deep sump, cooler/fan, etc
-tcs10 cam/ 1.1/1 rockers (1.25 ok with this cam?) also heard of higher ratio rocker on intake valve?
-holley red pump (no regulator yet) suggestions for fuel pressure and brand/ type to get
-pulley timing readout is incorrect, need suggestion on a good timing light that will tell me idle and full advance setting
-should I modify the power valve setup? currently has adjust a jet also.
-i am setting up for methanol injection under boost as well.

I searched here and STF, but i'm looking for very specific recommendations for this motor. I spent a few years buying parts and building this set up so I am not looking to overheat/grenade this motor yet. It uses too much fuel and wont idle very low.I couldnt have gotten this far without this forum and the pro's help here. By the way-motor sounds EXCELLENT but until I finish fixing a brake line I cannot drive it yet-thanks

seabeebuggy Wed Jun 07, 2006 6:39 pm

I would buy or rent a lM1 before I ran it on the road. it only takes a minute to burn the rings under boost. that should be the NO# 1 thing. then go for tuning. the 1.25 rockers will work fine as I have been told. I have them on the list of thing to buy. I use the TSC20.

speedyshift74 Wed Jun 07, 2006 8:57 pm

You might want to lock the advance on the Dist. I took my car to the track with the advance open and things worked well . After talking to a few people I decided to lock the advance. Right at start up it sounds stronger.. It only takes a few minutes anyway. If your motor doesn't like it , then switch back. I feel better with things knowing that the timing CAN'T creep up while under boost.

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