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--General Topics--
Date coding of parts from Hella/SWF/Bosch/Blaupunkt
Barndoor reproduction parts
Barndoor screws/bolts/fittings
Canadian barndoor discussion (scroll down)
Barndoor walk-throughs:
Barndoor walk-through photos
Barndoor Walkthru Panel

Body number-Chassis number differences
Chassis number location

54-55 correct motor discussion(from split beetle forum)
Engine parts discussion
28 PCI Carburetor | 28 PCI Carburetor
25hp / 36hp fuel pumps
36hp bearing info
Barndoor / -20- engine number discussion
Engine case markings
Engine case production date

Headlight identification
Semaphore reference guide and FAQ
Center brake light
Reflectors | Reflectors
Barndoor Battery / Battery Covers
Dash pod color/painting
Speedo pod switch rebuild
Barndoor wiper bases, arms, and blades

Front seat identification
Barndoor middle seats
Barndoor rear seats
Deluxe headliner
Spoon /popout latches
Rear view mirror
Rear view mirror
Barndoor slider latches
Barndoor ash trays

Front door handles
External side mirror
BD vent trim
Rear bumper introduction
Barndoor pedal pan

Conduit cable map
Chassis measurements
Barndoor Chassis paint - colors
Grey Primer / Paint color used on chassis and cargo area
Barndoor pedal parts

Barndoor Brakes
Beauty / Trim Rings
Front shocks
Rear shocks aka Lever Shocks
Armstrong Lever Shocks
Bus wheels - 14"/15"/16" - General discussion
16" wheels
16" wheel date stamps
Spare Tire Strap
Lowering | Lowering | Lowering | Lowering | Lowering | Lowering

Gas tank stencil
Tool roll content/Tool roll content
Owner's Manuals
Samba / 23-Window Deluxe Radios
Key Codes
Barndoor Steering Locks | Barndoor Steering Locks
Barndoor Steering Locks (Midway through thread)

You might also refer to the Split Bus FAQ for related common questions.

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