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[email protected] Fri Jun 27, 2003 11:24 am

Ok, lets try this again. I have a 74 Thing that i slammed with bug arms and spindles. Now the stock ones are just taking up space in my garage. If anyone is interested in them, just let me know. You will need to replace the ball joints on them. They'll go to the highest bidder, I can ship anywhere UPS will go. Thought i'd let ya'll know before i put them on E-bay.

chinarider Fri Jun 27, 2003 2:17 pm

Oh man, I was looking for a pair earlier this week. Ended up buying them from Things Unlimited for $100 for the pair.

TimGud Fri Jun 27, 2003 9:46 pm

Hey Neil, why don't you post an updated picture of it now that it's lowered,and a link for this lazy one. Sorry, don't need the spindles.

Brian T. Sat Jun 28, 2003 10:58 am


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