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[email protected] Thu Oct 04, 2007 3:29 pm

So I have had the parts for well over a year and even helped my buddy rewire/update his camper before I even touched mine. SO I got off my ass and started to work on it.

I installed the run of the mill oddessey battery that alot are using, I had a yellow top which failed, not quite sure at this point if it was the battery or not, but I was not gonna mod another one to fit so the oddesy was the smart choice.

Also installed what is becomeing the standard fuse box under the sink, had to wipe the dust off it as it was on the shelf for quite some time though :) I still gotta clean up the wiring but I still have some other things to run before I encase the wires:

I also installed a 1000 watt invertor under the drivers seat, I did this by cutting the front section away, carefully. I plan on putting a short piece of piano hinge on the cut section and making it into a door. The other obstacle was how to secure the invertor since you cannot easily access this area with the welded in swivel base. I drilled some holes in the base so I could get my long extention for my screwgun through and used metal screws to mount it.
I could not get a good enough pic of the invertor as it's dark in there. I soldered in wires to the exsisting on/off switch and ran them, well you'll see in a minute! I am just going to use romex and a male plug to run a remote line to an outlet, I am still deciding where I want the plug to be though. This way I have not hacked into the invertor.

For controls, I used marine grade switches, the far right is the switch that I ran the remote wires from the invertor to. This one is lighted so I do not forget to leave it on! middle switch is a on/off/on. This one is used for the the stereo. One way its powered off the ignition, so when I am just using the camper around town it comes on and off whenever I use the key. The other way is wired to the auxillary battery setup. So when I am camping it can be turned on from there and stay on withough being run through the start battery! Far left is just the main on off switch for the fuse box. If its not on, nothing is, I set it up to shut down the overhead DVD/TV, sink, indicator lights (since I did away with the orginal toggle switch in that board), even the 12 volt plugs that I have wired at the back cabinet etc.. I used the orginal little fuse box on the pillar for the overhead light as I wanted that to be operational all the time.

I plan on making another plate simaliar to the one I ran to the back and mounting somewhere on the kitchen cabinet I just have not decided where to do it. This one has the 12 volt plug plus I ran romex from the plug in the cabinetry to another 110 outlet. Allthough I will run the new one to the invertor instead of the campside hookups.

tsombrero1 Thu Oct 04, 2007 6:30 pm

You mean for a guy to steal your inverter he has to remove the seat, the swivel base, and have a super long screwdriver? JEEEZUS!

That is sweet, really clean install. I just did something similar with mine but I ran the inverter to an outlet that goes below the shore power outlets (where the old circuit breaker went). But I think I like the way you did yours better-- much cleaner.

I just finished the keyless radio thing too, but I used a foglight switch in the dash. (It's a 3-way so the amp is only on if you feel like burning juice). I do sort of miss the "BEEP BAAH BOOP" la-cucaracha tune when working on the van though... always with the ds door open and the radio on of course.

Anyway, beautiful work.

msinabottle Thu Oct 04, 2007 6:40 pm

I wanted to add a few thoughts on the Inverter placement, although I really admire the 'factory' look of the install, and thank you for sharing your thoughts, work and pictures!

When I got my Coleman 300W I couldn't help but notice the heavy cooling fins on the heavy aluminum case. That decided me to mount the inverter where I did, which is on the side of the cabinet behind the driver's seat. That mounting also made it easy to run the heavy cables the inverter uses down to the auxilary battery and to see the 'on' switch and hear the alarm, etc.

The main reason, though, that I put my inverter in the open was the clear need to dissipate heat when it operates. I don't know as much about electronics as some, but I do know that in the case of anything with circuitry...



Accordingly, I decided to maximize my air flow around the thing. There IS a big disadvantage to where I have it, in that I have to move the seat forward to get at it, and it and the steering wheel combine (I think) to keep me from turning the driver's seat the 90 degrees the swivel's supposed to allow. On the other hand, if you don't know the inverter's there, it's very hard to see from outside the van with the seat nearly covering it.

My schwei pfennig.


[email protected] Thu Oct 04, 2007 7:05 pm

I'm not too concerned with the heat factor, The instructions specified some parameters, it has room all around it. They did say to keep it away from the battery and heat, but I don't see it getting real hot in that area plus with the cooling fans it will draw its air through the front (at my feet) and push it back into the battery compartment which is not sealed.

Not to mention that I actually have had that inverter mounted behind the seat (like your current setup) for like a year, in that time I have used it once, to blow up someones air mattress at a campout that did not have power. The origional reason for buying it was for a blender (we like to party at our campouts), but I ended up buying a gas powered blender 8) But it is nice to have if needed, and now its outta the way and built in.

tencentlife Thu Oct 04, 2007 8:45 pm

I want to see a picture of the gas-powered blender. Does it have like a 5-gallon pitcher, or what? What kind of mpg (Margaritas per gallon) does it get?

[email protected] Fri Oct 05, 2007 4:26 am

tencentlife wrote: I want to see a picture of the gas-powered blender. Does it have like a 5-gallon pitcher, or what? What kind of mpg (Margaritas per gallon) does it get?

Man I WISH it had a 5 gallon pitcher! Its just a run of the mill pitcher Its called a Tailgator, its ok. you have to have the right touch to start it and it has no clutch, but it gets the job done! Oh yes, 6500mpg (margaritas per gallon) :)

some of the crew mixing up another round:

The first one I had was a 4 stroke and had a clutch, it would sit an idle. but unfortunatly it arrived with some issues from the seller. He only had the one unit so I could not exchange just return it. It was really cool but it was alot bigger than the one we have now so it would have been tough to store in the camper. The tailgator came with its own carry case as well so Its packs away failry well.

lovedavdubs Fri Oct 05, 2007 10:19 am

NICE JOB MAN! :wink: Super clean. I like the outlet at the rear hatch. It actually looks like it could be a factory option. I thought of putting my inverter there as well but haven't gotten around to it yet.

[email protected] Fri Oct 05, 2007 11:59 am

OOOPS! while packing up the camper today for our semi annual trip to Ginnie springs this weekend I realized one problem. The fan for the fridge should probably be wired direct and not through the switched fuse panel. I opened up the fridge to load up some stuff and was wondering why it was not as cool as usual, then I realized no fan was running :oops: flipped the switch and fan came on Doh!

lovdub' If I can scrounge up some more of those 110 outlets (my hardware store quit carring them) I plan on making some more up, I am going to try out a metal switchplate this next time as the plastic one I used in that pic is nice but is pretty thick for that outlet and it wants to pull out when taking a plug out. Heres the first one I tried, I thought I would be cool and make it covered but there is not much room between the hatch and cabinet when closed, I roll up my screen and leave it on that side and I could not close the hatch with all that there:

Lanval Fri Oct 05, 2007 1:01 pm

Very nice - I used a double 12v outlet for movies and the like back on the cabinet, like this:

I like your set up quite a bit. That triple switch is nice - I've been loath to cut into my stove cover, but since it needs to be repainted anyhow, maybe I should.



[email protected] Fri Oct 05, 2007 1:52 pm

Lanval wrote: Very nice - I used a double 12v outlet for movies and the like back on the cabinet, like this:

I like your set up quite a bit. That triple switch is nice - I've been loath to cut into my stove cover, but since it needs to be repainted anyhow, maybe I should.



It s pretty killer place to utilize, there is alot of unsed space there that really cannot be used for any storage. I am working on installing electronic ignitors for the stovetop which the button/ingition box will go on the other side of the stove knobs and I plan to put the 12v/110 outlets I made up probably on the side in that same dead space as it should sit right above table height when it is in travel mode, and the wiring behind will not be in the way of fridge or any open storage space. the front is a good spot for a 12v plug as well because it is inset I took my first design out to install the switches:

I hope to get all this stuff done soon so and get the proper color mixed up and shoot all the metal parts in a more correct color.

Well off to camp for the weekend!!!!!!

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