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EverettB Thu Jan 24, 2008 9:18 am

This section is for non-VW discussions of interest to visitors.

The General Site Rules apply, but are applied to non-VW content.

Specifically, do not post the following:
o Political threads/posts in threads
o Religious threads/posts in threads
o Anything that could be considered a conspiracy theory
o Links or topics for "funny" news stories/videos/photos - there are multiple web sites on the Internet dedicated to this - use those. Normal news and discussion is ok.
o Nudity or soft core photos or anything else NSFW (not safe for work). This includes links.
o Anything that harasses other members, their families, or their cars. This includes Photoshops.
o Photoshops
o Unrelated posts/photos/memes that "derail" a thread.

Most importantly, STAY ON TOPIC in a given thread.

This is not the Rants. The Rants are gone.

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