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kenmendes Mon Feb 04, 2008 2:01 pm

I have never painted a car before and i have lots of questions.

After i sand and do bodywork what is the good primer to use and where do i get it?

I have been reading about single stage and i am confussed. can someone explain to me.

gfw1985 Mon Feb 04, 2008 2:17 pm

Start off by reading the "stickies" at top of this forum. Lot of good info.

djkeev Mon Feb 04, 2008 2:18 pm


Such a confusing and conflicting topic car painting is.

It is a topic more full of opinions and experiences than almost any other topic I've ever seen.
Add to the opinions the everchanging paint legal environment with various types being outlawed and amazing new paint types being developed at an amazing rate. Some are good, some aren't so good but that is just my opinion!
Depending where you live, certain types of paint are not available for sale to you.

First search this forum using the search function above. You'll find out about high fill primers, weldable primers, etching primers, etc.

Single stage paint is a paint like a spray can of enamel that puts down a color coat and a shine coat at the same time (krylon or rustoleum fall into this type of paint but don't use these on a car). Base coat / clear coat systems are just that. A coat(s) of color topped with a clear shine / protective coat(s). Metallics have finely ground metal floating in the paint and reflect light.

Once again search the forum and read, read, read and then read some more. Purchase a book or two on repainting a car. You'll initially be totally confused but a pattern that makes sense to you will begin to emerge. You will need to decide what makes sense and then to do what you feel is best for your car.

Krmnnghia Tue Feb 05, 2008 7:20 am

Everything said so far is spot on. Read the forums like mad! Also pick this book up at your local library if they have it...

I found it extremely helpful in showing me exactly what some of the guys here talk about. Certain aspects of sanding and polishing just can't be explained in words alone. Good luck!

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