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SGKent Tue Jul 14, 2020 12:26 pm

Just as an FYI. We sold a set of cylinders to a member in Texas and one was damaged in shipment. My cost was $600 plus $130 to have a couple fins professionally welded - and we sold them for $389 shipped. The shipment was insured for its full value, and the buyer is filing a claim to USPS after we discussed it. The box was lined with tempered hardboard and it had an X of tempered hardboard in it as well to separate the cylinders and keep the top and bottom from collapsing. USPS was paid special handling to treat it as fragile even though that was probably not necessary with the way it was super packaged. The buyer said that the box was Ok but where we are puzzled is how multiple fins could be damaged on one cylinder inside a wooden box that in turn was inside a cardboard box. I don't have photos of the outside box yet. It looks like something heavy hit the top fin breaking it and also bending the one under it. I am hoping that USPS won't blame the seller or buyer and deny the claim. I have photos when the items were packaged and they were fine. It is hard to imagine that force being applied without it damaging the outside box or breaking the the tempered hardwood board inside too. The cylinders could not move in their compartments either. The bent fin looks like something like a hammer or big rock / heavy item landed on it.

That said, new cylinders appear to still be available from Porsche (912E) as they use the same part number. If so we can order one to replace the damaged one. I hate having this problem on hold until USPS decides what to do, but they indicated online they may want to inspect the box and item, and it is in Texas now with the buyer. Likewise if it is sent back to me that totally invalidates the USPS insurance per their contract. So until USPS looks it over or decides what they want to do, I am in a holding pattern here. It will work out but I feel bad the buyer is in this situation. If they still want the item, it is a hassle they didn't need. And if they don't want it then it all depends on USPS on whom they will find at fault for the claim. I am willing to take the item back when this is over if the seller doesn't want it, and would have if he told me that when he got it if he felt that, and the insurance money is returned to me to send to Ashraft who technically owns these - that assumes that USPS doesn't take the item away, which they do sometimes. It will work out but unfortunately the buyer will have to work with me on this one - that is why we insure all the shipments. When I get photos of the box I'll know more about how the damage occurred. - SGKent

JimmieH Sat Oct 10, 2020 5:38 am

I bought several items from Steve. Parts have always been well packaged and arrived quickly. Everything is clean and usually like new. Great seller.

THall Tue Nov 17, 2020 11:10 am

Great seller. I know the parts I get from Steve will be the real deal...along with quick shipping and proper packaging. Thank you!

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