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tclark Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:11 pm

I finally did this upgrade here are my thoughts
1. It does stop the top out when used with gw 2wd lift spring
2. If i run those huge speed bumps the coil overs just eat em up
3. Under really heavy braking you dont get front end dive

1. Concur w/davevickery
Under noload they are way too soft you get wavy gravy sensation from front end going over simple undulation in the asphalt

For me i will keep em since the koni i tooke off keep toping out under servere compression, and i like the extra lift since that helps a collsion with my modifed battery boxs

MidwestDrifter Wed Mar 13, 2013 8:00 am

I tried these out on my westy on a trip through Baja. They give a decent ride on the highway, with acceptable control in cornering. (could be stiffer IMHO) They are ill suited for any type of on-highway/off road. Anything with repetitive bumps, would cause resonance resulting in massive bounciness.

Also going over topes in baja would often result in enough bounce/travel to scrape my mudflaps on the ground :shock: (second bounce before settling after the tope/speed bump.

The good was the additional lift up front (around 3/4"), the price, and the greater travel. Negatives are the lack of bump stops (excessive compression), coupled with not enough dampening (not even remotely close to critical).

It is important to point out that the shocks are not limiting in extension, the upper ball joints are. A limiting strap would be a good idea.

jvan Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:37 am

tclark wrote: Just wanted to post a consise parts list
2. Replace oem lower shock bolt with .5"w x 4.5"l bolt
Grade 8 or better

3. Add a .5"w x 3/4" l collar either side of the lower shock mount on the above bolt to keep the shock centered

4. Replace oem shock bumper that fit on top of the shock under the control arm with a golf practice rubber ring
OD= 2.6", ID= 1.4", H=0.65"

5a. replace the top shock bushing/plate with monroe supplied to bushing & inverted washer plate
5b. get new oem top shock bushing/plate

in the steps above, do i still need to follow steps 2-5 if i am not getting the load adjusting monroes?
i am going with the regular monroes.

edit* my van is not lifted. it sits a bit lower actually than most vans so we assume the springs have sagged or have carat springs..?..

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