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Vsyevolod Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:28 am

On my brand new '88 Westy, the horn is not working. I took off the front padded plate on the steering wheel and found that someone had the foresight to snip both wires to aid in the removal of said object. Wires have been soldered and insulated, yet it still doesn't work. The wire on the right is connected to ground, though I get nothing from the left wire. Is it supposed to be +12v? Also, when I connect the two wires, I get no horn. I am assuming that I'm supposed to...

Bentley hasn't yet given up the secret of where I might find this arcane bit of documentation. I'm trying to think of the next area to dismantle in my search. I took off the steering wheel plastic cover but couldn't track down which wire coming down the trunk is actually the horn. They all seemed like turn signal or ignition type wires. Do I need to remove the steering wheel? The nut is a few sizes larger than my largest socket. 21mm or so. Any tricks I need to know if I go this route?




hiram6 Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:39 am

Connecting the two wires under the horn pad should give you a nice beep. Check fuses, connections at horn, etc. If all that is up to snuff, then, yes, pulling the steering wheel is easy. I think it's a 24mm deep socket that I've used to do this. Once pulled you should see a nice brass contact ring on the back of the steering wheel, which is now in your hands, and you should see a little brass tab on the steering column that matches up to the ring. One of these two could be worn away or missing.

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