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VW Addict Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:44 am

Bought a hotwheels VW car from him on 08/02/2009. He emailed me on 08-13 and said he recieved my cash payment and would send it out priority mail asap.

I have not recieved this and I have not heard from him. I have emailed him 3 times and also PM'd here on here. Bad communication with this seller.

Kommercial Sun Aug 23, 2009 12:13 pm

Let's assume he missed getting it out in the mail last weekend but dropped it off this weekend. I don't know him but I usually give sellers a few weeks before I get nervous as many of them only ship on the weekend and life happens. Also I see he has been on the site in the last few days, check to see that your 'outbox' is empty, for proof he has read your messages.

Ratback Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:59 pm

"vw addict" needs to get a life and should remember;
"Do unto those, as you would have them do unto you"
Please note that by "vw addict's" own admission, It took almost two weeks for his payment to arrive @ my home. I have his envelope with a 08-07-09 postmark. He contacted me on Sunday the 2nd and said "payment would be in the mail the next day". That would have been Monday the 3rd. Well, he waited 5 days to send payment! He didn't send payment untill Friday the 7th. A whole work week. Did I complain or e-mail him daily asking where his payment was? No, I did not.
But get this, "vw addict" complains about, me not shipping it the next day...
Which he did! After daily e-mails starting on Tuesday the 11th, asking if I received his payment. I would e-mail him back each night, stating that I had not received anything and that I would let him know when I did. Which finally happened on Friday the 14th. After my e-mail that Friday night letting him know I had received his payment (almost 2 weeks later). "vw addict" e-mailed me back Friday night telling me to make sure I "get to the post office in the AM".
Talk about nerve.
Talk about rude!
You know what "vw addict", Bite me!! And that's putting it nicely for
After your e-mail reply on Friday the 14th, I decided to wait the same 5 days you did and then sent out the Hot Wheel out using Priority Mail as I said I would...
I gave you the same courtesy, that you extended me...
And I didn't have my "friends" e-mailing someone, about your dumb Hot Wheel. Talk about a pest...

VW Addict Sat Aug 29, 2009 9:27 pm

Jesus. Grow up. Don't sit here and lie about shit. Payment was sent on the morning of the third; we both know it. Not my fault you don't take PayPal like 95% of the others do. Boo hoo, you had to wait for the payment, I had no choice. On my email on 8/13; I asked if you received payment. You did in fact reply on 08/14 and email me saying ďIíll drop by the post office tomorrow (sat. the 15th) and get your Hot Wheel in the mail to you.Ē

After over a week of waiting for this, yes, I emailed you to ask what if you indeed did send the box, because normally it doesnít take this long. When you didnít email me back, 2 days later, I re-emailed you; saying I still didnít receive anything; and the following next night. I was getting frustrated with you not responding and to me not receiving the box that you supposed to have sent on the 15th, but didnít. I never emailed you daily. I emailed you three times after you emailed me on 8/14. You never emailed me back once; most likely because you knew you screwed up by not sending the box and wanted to just deny the fact.

Regardless, I received the box on Thursday, August 27th with a post mark of it being dropped off at the post office on Saturday, August 22nd - A WEEK after you told me you were going to send it out.

So yes I posted feedback on bad communication on your part. If you need a tissue, I'll mail you one. Point of the matter is that I received the car, yes, it was shipped priority mail, as which I paid for. However it was shipped a week later than which you had told me and never replied to any of my emails after the 14th until I posted this feedback. Iím just letting other buyers have a fair warning from you to beware that you donít ship as fast as you say you do and that in my opinion, yes, you lack communication.

voeltzwagen Sat Feb 27, 2010 8:17 am

Pretty much chalking this one up as a loss. Payment was cleared in late December for a 1971 Type 3 passenger side door handle and Type 3 VW script. Heard from someone representing the seller a week or so after that, nothing since. It's been almost two months now. I've tried numerous email and PM attempts, and I see the seller has been on the Samba several times since me making those attempts.

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