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EverettB Thu Jul 31, 2003 6:43 am

Posting on is a privilege, not a right.
We reserve the right to delete your posts and/or ban you from this forum and/or without prior warning.
It is your responsibility to read and follow these rules.

General Dos and Don'ts
DON'T post for sale or wanted ads or business advertising in the Forums - Use the Free Classifieds ONLY. Repeat: NO ADS IN THE FORUMS
The exception to this is in response to a request for information, e.g. "Who sells part xxxx?"
DON'T use the Tech Forums for personal conversation or argument; use email or private messages
DON'T post political/religious comments, signatures, avatars, pictures, or videos. This includes anything that could be considered a conspiracy theory or anything I can prove false via Google within minutes.
DON'T post non-technical comments or pictures in a technical thread, they will be removed at the moderator's discretion
DO take administrator and moderator warnings seriously
DON'T abuse site members or the web site itself on the forums, or through email or private messages
DON'T create more than one account for any reason. If you have multiple accounts:
Please request to have older accounts consolidated
We will combine your duplicate accounts into one account
Violating this rule may lead to a ban of all your accounts and removal of your Classified AdsDO comply with the Terms of Use posted on the site
DO take responsibility for your own posts, because we will not
Posting Messages Dos and Don'ts
DO use the search button before posting; your question may have been answered
DON'T post nudity or graphic images, link to them using a NSFW warning (Not Safe For Work)
DON'T post personal attacks based on sexual preference, religion, nationality, race, etc
DON'T post abusive, inflammatory, or threatening messages
DON'T post messages for the sole purpose of attacking a person or company or just to start an argument
DON'T reply to posts with messages that don't add to the conversation. This includes smilies, funny and/or random photo(s), or "PM sent," among others.
DON'T use excessive profanity
DON'T use obscene or abusive language or images in avatars, usernames, or signatures
DON'T use insult or ridicule other members or this web site in your avatar or signature, this includes using another member's picture as your avatar
DON'T post the same message in multiple forums
DON'T re-start a locked topic or a topic that has been removed by the moderators
DON'T post messages asking why something was removed, ask a moderator or the admin (EverettB).
DON'T post Spam about your website, business, eBay ads, or Samba classified ads
DON'T post links to active eBay auctions / craigslist ads unless the purpose is to highlight something that is misrepresented/fraudulent OR if you need feedback on a possible purchase. Don't post "check this out," "this is cheap," "just wanted to pass this on," or similar messages, unless you are adding additional discussion. Note: We do allow this is several of the Forum sections here (Vanagon for example) as those people do not mind but in general, it is frowned upon, especially in the Split Bus section.
DON'T post people's full addresses or phone numbers without their permission or suggest illegal ways to obtain such information.
See the following for related laws and information: DPPA - Driver's Privacy and Protection Act and Driver's Privacy Protection Act.
DON'T post complaints about a forum or moderator; contact Everett privately.
As a general policy, we discuss moderation-related topics only via private contact
Forum Etiquette Dos and Don'ts
DON'T use excessive punctuation, smilies, annoying or unreadable text colors, or bold text
DON'T post in ALL CAPS, this means you are yelling.
DON'T post all your text in bold, in color, or in a large font size. These features are for emphasis only.
DO think before you type; remember you are dealing with real people and you are not anonymous
DO lurk before you post. Read the rules and some existing threads. Locate the search button
DO respect other people's time and bandwidth, you are not the center of cyberspaceDO use the private message button or email for personal discussions
DON'T abuse the quote button; include only as much as is necessary for context. This includes pictures
DO limit the size of your signature or you will lose that privilegeDO help ensure a useful post or threadDO stay on topic
DO use a clear subject line; subjects like "LOL" or "Look at This!" are unacceptable
DO provide enough details or pictures in your question so that people can help you
DO post in the correct forumDO help others. A forum is a community which works best when people share information
DO welcome newcomers to this community and correct mistakes in a courteous manner
Use the REPORT button
There is a report button in the upper right corner of each post. If you see an avatar, signature, or text that violates the site rules or you would just like the administrators to review it, PLEASE report it. Only the administrators can see reported posts and we really appreciate the help. There are thousands of new posts each day and we can't see everything. We depend on everybody to keep these forums a useful resource for VW enthusiasts. (If there is no report button it means that post has already been reported.)

Since it is MUCH easier to delete a whole thread than individual messages, if there is a large amount of garbage, the entire thing will be deleted, regardless of whether it had any useful information in it. This includes portions of a thread, i.e. moderators delete "from this point forward".

You can be banned from the Samba Forums for violating any of the posted rules, or ignoring specific instructions from the administrator or any moderator. Continued abuse of the Forums or attempts to get around a ban will result in banishment from access to the entire website. If your username is banned understand that it is banned on the entire site. You will not be able to post Classified Ads or Gallery Photos either.

If you don't like a particular forum, find another or create your own. By using this forum you agree to hold blameless and without responsibility for any trauma experienced here. reserves the right to update these rules without notice.

Everett Barnes
[email protected]

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