View original topic: Questions before starting 67 beetle front shock installation
theleming Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:49 pm

Does anyone have pictures of the original front shock setup on a 67 beetle? I'm trying to figure out if my current setup contains the parts needed to complete the installation. My current shock looks like one piece and very different from the sachs touring shock I purchased from WW.

So I took the old shocks off (cofap). I realized right away the shocks I purchased at WW require a shock tower kit. Do original 67 beetle shock tower kits exist? I'm thinking of buying original dust covers from classifieds but not sure if they will work with after market shock tower kits. Does anybody know? Images in the original manual and shop manuals show a rounder cup that sits on top of the shock cover than what is shown in pictures at retail websites

Does anybody know the correct color of the dust covers for a 67 beetle? The service manual and books I have show a black dust cover. WW has white ones which they confirmed where the original color. I'm going to the Pomona swap this weekend and need to know what I'm looking for or just buy the ones from WW.

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