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djkeev Sat Apr 16, 2016 9:02 am

Well......even though I can apparently buy quiet bearings from
Germany for $100+......

I'm plugging on!

My new plastic bearings arrived. Dry out of the package they aren't quiet like metal bearings are....... I lathered them in PTFE......

But, I purchased them..... They are going in!

Installing new bearings without removing the door is quite honestly easy!

Simply open the door and find the lower track guide arm.
There are two H6 allen headed bolts there.
To make life easy, draw around them with a marker so you know where they were. Eliminates a lot if annoying adjustment later!

Remove the two bolts while holding the bottom of the door with gentle upward pressure.

Have a box or something about the height of your door bottom there so you can rest the door on it once it comes loose.

I clamped the roller unit in my vise and pulled off the 609 bearing. A battery terminal puller with a small spacer screw works superbly!

The upper 609 bearing is also easy to do, a helper (which I did NOT have) would make it almost simple!
Simply lift the door off the box and drop it slightly disengaging the upper roller.
Remove the clip and pull off the bearing.

When finished put the front tracks all back together.

The rear track?
Even easier!

Look at the top of your track, you will see a raised spot about mid span......

And looking from the side....

Stop the door at the raised hump, lift up a little and swing the grooved roller off the track.

Gently drop the door down and set it on your box again.....

I found my portable jump start battery height to be just about perfect!

Put on the two new 608 bearings and reassemble!

Here are some photos of my Delrin grooved roller on the door edge protector covered track......

What's the noise level?

Well...... Not the whisper I had hoped for but it is darn quiet!

I do have concerns about the open plastic bearings, more the two rear outside ones. But really? They are so cheap and so easy to replace...... It is a price that I'll gladly pay for a quiet door!

All told...... The final 6 bearings cost me less than $30. Plus shipping......

I'll post a decibel video when I can.....


61Scout Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:10 am

Just wanted to post another option for folks dealing with the rounded lower track bearing. So I fixed up the slider door on my brother's van the other day. I removed the assembly and found the bearing was quite sticky/gummy. Instead of pulling it and replacing it, I tried something else. First I popped off the plastic cover, then I submerged the bearing and assembly in paint thinner for several hours. While it sat, I occasionally picked it out of the glass jar and would gently spin the bearing back and forth in my fingers. After a half day of this I felt all the grease had been removed and the bearing felt much better. I then let it sit on some paper towels on the bench and let it air dry. After it was nice and dry I found I was able to pack the bearing with some green sticky grease. Just using my thumb and working it, working it, working it. In just a few minutes I saw grease coming out of the backside. Reinstalled the plastic cap and done! Is it new? No, of course not, but this particular bearing didn't have a lot of play and I made the judgement call that it still had some life. After repacking it's significantly smoother and quieter. Here's a picture showing the grease popping out the backside.

Another thing I found, was that I did indeed have a replaceable bearing (251.843.361B) on the bearing that rides the track on the backside. So if your van has a replaceable bearing here, it's a 607 bearing inside. So one 607, two 608s, and two 609s.


djkeev Fri Jun 03, 2016 4:23 pm

OK...... An update.

I installed my new plastic roller bearings and then life got in the way of Vanagons.

My work is an eight week seasonal type where we GO like wild fire for about four months.

Anyway, the Van was put outside and I Haven't touched it.

I needed something out of it and opened the sliding door and thrust it rearward as I normally have done and I swear, I Almost threw it into the next County!
That thing slid so well it was unbelieveable!

Very happy with my door function.
It may not whisper like I sought but it rolls mighty fine!


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