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Faustuss Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:41 pm

Hello, My name is Seth.

I purchased this beetle two years ago and was happy to drive it daily, accumulating parts and the knowledge to bring it back to its former beauty. 2 years after its purchase I started dismantling it for rust repair, body and paint.

Here are a few before picture(s).

The car was wrecked in the 80's. The front left was smashed pretty bad. it had a different size spindle and a reproduction fender and some really thick bondo in the front triangle area on that side. When fixing it they just hacked the old fender off, left bits of it on and destroyed the fender mount holes. At some point it was rebuilt by the previous owner's father for her, according to her he is a big time VW guy, quite probably is on this forum.

By the time I purchased it the previous owner (I think she said it was her husband) had destroyed the distributor trying to time it, and (she?) had run the transmission with out oil, ruining it as well. It sat for 5 years before it got to me.

After pulling the transmission in 08.

So about a month ago I started taking it apart. Interior, fenders, trim and whatnot. I knew about this small hole in the luggage area and that has been the main focus of my attention thus far.

Small hole.

I cut out a donor section from a 66 parts car.

Donor RIP.

Measured for the donor piece and then did some cancer removal. My intention was to cut the hole an inch smaller than the donor metal and lap the donor piece over the slightly smaller hole. Seems like it will work.

I am getting ready to do some welding in the back now, but here is how the donor metal fits in.

The rear view

For fun, my work area with the Thing and the donor car in the background. More pictures and updates as they happen.

I haven't decided on a painter or body guy for the work I am not skilled enough for. If anyone knows a decent body shop in the Sacramento/Placerville area please let me know.


scarab_notch Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:57 pm

Hey Seth,

Im from Australia, so not sure how far away he would be to you, but you could try Jason from The Resurrection Project for your body work. He's a great guy to chat to and REALLY knows his stuff. Awesome metal skills and honest to boot....rare qualities these days.

Look him up....

All the best with your project mate!

scarab_notch (aka: Paul)

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