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innerself Sun Aug 25, 2002 2:37 pm

Im getting ready to purchase a 65 beetle that is squeeky clean... but some how the front bumper got hit and got pushed up into the hood... and messed up the apron along with it. it spared the fenders and just screwed up the bumper mounts, front apron, and hood. how difficult is it to install a front apron? the hood latch mechanism is still intact, and the spare tire holder looks ok.. seems to be just the apron/hood. Would i take off the fenders and cut off the front apron and weld in the new one and throw on a new hood. also, this '65 has been sitting for 7 years.. thats why its so clean, but the owner said he hasnt started it in 7 years!?!! how much of a detrimental effect would that have on the engine... im looking for something to be a daily driver without much $$... were in the process of scheduling a meet to view the car, then i can know how bad the engine is..


IndianaVWKid Sun Aug 25, 2002 3:48 pm

Well, First off, you'll need to get that fenders off, or at least look under it, and check out the bumper mounts...generally whenever the bug gets hit in the front, the front panels on either side, get dented pretty bad, I'll look at replacing the whole front clip. that would be the best bet for your money. Also, the engine, just make sure you change the oil and FUEL LINES, and the brakes will probably be really Make sure you go through those, and the master cylinder. My buddy and I just pulled a '65 out of a barn, it sat for 12 Years, he's driving it everyday now...and that 40-Horse has some good kick to it, although we've only gotten it up to 76 MPH, that's pretty good I'd say.
Check out his site, we documented most of the resto.
and this ones for some other tech stuff.
Good luck man! They are a fun car to own, that's for sure!

Nate J Wed Sep 25, 2002 1:14 am

I just replaced an apron on my '72 standard Beetle. If you want it to look stock after the repair, be sure to find one of the special drill bits designed to drill out factory spot welds. Even with that tool it took a long time to find and chew through the factory welds. Also, if you can find these bits, buy two or three as they get destroyed pretty fast. Also, use a digital camera to document your work (or a cheapie single use camera) so you have something to look at for reference when you are 1/2 way through the job. You would be amazed at how one day can make you forget whether panel "a" went over or below panel "b" and how did panel "c" connect to the other two? It is a really good idea to snap a few reference photos of a correct undamaged unrestored apron too if you can find one at the next VW show. Best of luck to you! Nate near Seattle, WA

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