View original topic: rear wheel problem?????
67 in Vegas Sun Sep 29, 2002 4:39 pm

Ok this is my problem... I have noticed that rear wheel is set back, almost like the swing arm is longer. If u have a suggestion of how to fix it or what the problem might be.. i am willing to try any thing.


67 in Vegas Sun Sep 29, 2002 4:50 pm

By the way, the wheel seem have toe-out as well.

TimGud Sun Sep 29, 2002 6:43 pm

What year is it?

67 in Vegas Mon Sep 30, 2002 2:27 pm

Sorry about forgeting to mention the year.. It is a 1967 with 1966 fenders. If that helps at all.

flat4 Wed Oct 02, 2002 12:09 pm

Hmm, sounds like someone removed the transaxle without marking the spindle/trailing arm position. measure the length of the arm on the side that looks right then compare it to the side that looks wrong. my bet is the wrong side is slid too far back. loosen the three bolts up and hammer the sucker in a bit till its the same as the other side. then check your toe. Should be 0 on the rear.

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