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cougforester Wed Oct 02, 2002 8:47 pm

I am going to follow up on an idea I read somewhere concerning mounting a stereo inside the glovebox so as to hide it from thieves. Right now I have an old tape player in there that no one in their right mind would ever want to bust into the vehicle to steal. Has anyone done this and how did you mount it inside the glovebox?

chabanais Wed Oct 02, 2002 9:24 pm

Sure. There are plastic glove boxes that have a stereo holder built into them.

cougforester Wed Oct 02, 2002 11:19 pm

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I can get one? I had no idea such products were made. That's exactly what I'm looking for!

jeremysmithatshawdotca Thu Oct 03, 2002 1:40 am

There was a thread a while ago that covers this. Here it is:
[email protected] originally said... (8/1/2002 at 11:35PM PST)

i saw an ad for a stereo face that fits in yoru glove box...i was wondering if any one has any ifo on such a product....please respond with any info!!! thanks!!!!!

[email protected] said... (8/2/2002 at 8:29AM PST)

I'm not sure about a radio face, but you may find what you need here:

The specialize in fiberglass stuff for VW's

[email protected] said... (8/2/2002 at 8:18AM PST)

I should have followed up with that a little better. Innovations sells a fiberglass glove box that has a specific place that your radio can be mounted. It looks really clean and from what I understand, It works out great.

Hope this was what you were looking for.

[email protected] said... (8/2/2002 at 7:03PM PST)

It's easy to install,and very sturdy.

[email protected] said... (8/4/2002 at 9:47AM PST)

Here's what I did. I mounted my cd player and 10 disc cd changer under the back bench seat of my 21 window. My cd player is panasonic, so I called panasonic and ordered a couple of parts. It was the male and female connectors that connect the faceplate to the deck. I believe it was a 21 pin connection. Then I went to Fry's and got a 12-conductor wire out of the computer section. I soldered the connector to the cable, so the faceplate no longer had to be attached. It fooled the deck into thinking it was attached. Then I mounted the faceplate on a piano hinge under the dash about the dash tray. When I get in the car, i flip the face down from above into plain view, and when I get out I swing it back up. I also have a remote. The only part that sucks is when the 10 cd's dont cut it, you have to stop and get out to change the music. I hope this made me if this is jibberish. peace. jake.

jvigil Thu Oct 03, 2002 1:29 pm

Ahh yes I am Jake himself. It's funny because when I posted the thread I had gotten all the parts ready to go and was waiting on some responses about the heating duct, but had it all laid out on paper. Then I came back down to school where my bus isnt, and I have since run out of money, but hopefully around my Christmas break can install it.

After reading my thread, it says 21 was 12 if that clears anything up. Panasonic was very helpful in getting me the parts since my cdplayer was 5 years old. I spent 25 dollars on the custom stuff, and of course all the other equipment adds up quick.

Id be happy to help answer any questions or describe in more detail. You can email me but I will probably post here just to help everyone else interested. Sorry there are no pics. I got a little too excited fantasizing and started making out like I had installed it. I am ready to though...(it all works and was tested...just not put in.)

[email protected]

the worst part of all my fantasizing is that my bus is just sitting in my garage at home undriven until i graduate...

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