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josh_w Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:26 am

First, the question, for those of you with either Llods or Hexomat rubber mats in your EV or Vanagon: Were the mats cut from a single sheet of rubber, or was it one big piece plus a scrap that had to be somehow bonded together?

The backstory:

I got a nice big gift card to for Christmas, and decided to use some of it to buy full-coverage rubber mats for my Eurovan. We often have to walk to the back of the van from the front to pacify the baby, and the seeing salty slush tracked on the carpet makes my heart ache.

Anyhow, the only mats on Amazon with the door-side jumpseat removed were from Hexomat (as opposed to Lloyds). They appeared to be cut from exactly the same stuff though, so I ordered. When they arrived I installed them and found this:

The various Hexomat vendors did not have pictures of the specific units I bought, but other (non-Amazon) sellers with Lloyds mats show these for the products I ordered:

I emailed the seller and asked them to either send the full mats or set up a return for refund, and included the images above. They supposedly contacted Hexomat, who informed them that there should have been two smaller pieces included to cover the circled areas. They stated they could not cut the mats from one sheet because of their size - however, I had already lined them up, and the front mat could be cut from the rear mat WITH the missing piece, so somebody is full of ____. :evil:

Anyhow, before I send them back I just want to make sure that the Lloyds mats will be one piece, and make sure that the Hexomats are always like this- that it's not the vendor yanking my chain. Thanks in advance.

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