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TDI_VT Sun Jun 12, 2011 12:35 pm

First off, hello everyone. I am new to this site and van culture in general. I am a TDI Club semi-veteran, have owned two different TDI's over a span of many years. Currently I have a 98 Jetta AHU.

I love the idea of swapping a TDI AHU into a donor van. My current TDI is an Ohio car and as such is pretty much a rust bucket. The engine, however, only has 134k miles and has been well taken care of. Perfect for a possible swap into a Van.

Here's my proposition: I plan to use Eurospec kit to drop the 1.9 into the van. I have read through fairweather's excellent thread on swapping TDI's, but most of the info seems geared to using a donor diesel van which will be harder to find IMO.

What info can all of you expert's give me on what else needs to be done after I get a Eurospec kit? I did not see a whole lot of info on their site about actual swapping, and there is much more that needs to be done besides just dropping in the engine and driving away.

Thank you all for any advice and look forward to another great online community for VW's!

Zeitgeist 13 Sun Jun 12, 2011 12:47 pm

Seems like the only advantage with the Eurospec kit over a standard 50 degree kit is the hydraulic mounts and lack of engine mount interference with the turbo. I'm not keen on the raised deck or pricetag. I'm currently shopping around for an 1Z/AHU to go with my 50 degree kit. If I were to raise the decklid, then I'd want to step up to an ALH

beelzibus Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:03 pm

Just get the donor diesel bits from a breaker, there's not much to get really, sump, oil pick up, bellhousing, mounts and support bars a few other odds and sods, it's the best way, make your own rear mount that clears the turbo, do your own wiring, biggest issue is gear ratios.

TDI_VT Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:47 pm

Zeitgeist 13 wrote: Seems like the only advantage with the Eurospec kit over a standard 50 degree kit is the hydraulic mounts and lack of engine mount interference with the turbo. I'm not keen on the raised deck or pricetag. I'm currently shopping around for an 1Z/AHU to go with my 50 degree kit. If I were to raise the decklid, then I'd want to step up to an ALH

I agree, but the advantage i guess is that I have no access to a machine shop to make my own parts, nor the experience. The eurospec kit gives me the machined parts i need right? I have enough electrical experience to wire everything i think. Stepping up to an ALH IMO is not a great option, ALH engines are harder to repair and IMO more finicky electrical wise. AHU and 1Z engines are just as good on fuel too.

What modifications would I have to make to hook up the AHU ECU to the van? What about the cluster...can the cluster be reprogrammed to have an accurate tach and additional glow plug light?

Williamtaylor33 Sun Jun 12, 2011 2:19 pm

Been here?
The eurospec kit is just to mount the engine right? So your lacking your wiring and cooling setup plus you would need a raised decklid. Which would have to be custom as nobody sells a 'kit' for these that I'm aware of.
The advantage of going 50* is you can use the stock DV bellhousing, cooling hoses, and it fits under the stock lid.

TDI_VT Sun Jun 12, 2011 2:24 pm

Williamtaylor33 wrote: Been here?

In the process of getting into the group, info is a lil scattered when i made my first runthru.

Escorial Syncro Sun Jun 12, 2011 2:31 pm

I'm in the same boat, considering the Eurospec kit. But my engine is an ALH, and I prefer a 15 degree mounting with that motor. The other advantage of the Eurospec kit for 15 degree mounting is that, I'm told, they have gone to a heavier flywheel (34 lbs?) that smooths out some vibration issues that some were having when using the KEP kit at 15 degrees.

But your AHU will lean over easier, so maybe your DV donor idea is better. I'm not convinced 15 degree motors like being leaned over at 50 degrees, but that's just my personal opinion.

Take photos if you do it and post away!


TDI_VT Sun Jun 12, 2011 3:03 pm

That is the plan! I have to find a donor van first tho. (Donor Van = DV?).

Once this project gets rolling, I plan to garage it in Albuqurque, NM with the help of another forum member. Simply no space in LA to accomplish the swap. It will become a rolling thread on the forums so i can well document the process and perhaps make it easier for future TDI swappers.

If anyone has any crucial advice to the process it would be much appreciated.

Williamtaylor33 Sun Jun 12, 2011 3:30 pm

TDI_VT wrote: That is the plan! I have to find a donor van first tho. (Donor Van = DV?).
DV = diesel vanagon
The iz or ahu engines have the same bolt pattern as the diesel vanagons

TDI_VT Sun Jun 12, 2011 3:36 pm

Williamtaylor33 wrote: TDI_VT wrote: That is the plan! I have to find a donor van first tho. (Donor Van = DV?).
DV = diesel vanagon
The iz or ahu engines have the same bolt pattern as the diesel vanagons

Ah that explains why it is the recommended donor vehicle. But, those are always harder to find and more expensive....

Gasser plus the eurospec kit seems to be painless to me (plus tranny rebuild). Hook up rad hoses, add the drive by wire pedal, calibrate the tach. Done?

Williamtaylor33 Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:03 pm

Getting a complete doner van for a few parts seems like overkill. You only need a few parts which can be bought separately. I think quality German is a good source for these parts.
There's lots of ways to tackle a Tdi conversion. Im curious about the eurospec kit myself.

TDI_VT Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:05 pm

Williamtaylor33 wrote: Getting a complete doner van for a few parts seems like overkill. You only need a few parts which can be bought separately. I think quality German is a good source for these parts.

Sorry, with this conversion i do not own a van currently so a donor van = target van for swap. Lol, sorry bought that.

Zeitgeist 13 Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:06 pm

I recently picked up a $400 complete 50 degree kit consisting of:

*diesel coolant hoses and reservoir
*oil pump
*oil pan
*oil filler pipe
*cross bars, engine mounts and brace
*engine mount arms
*vacuum pump

Williamtaylor33 Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:18 pm

Thats a good deal. I've seen several 50* kits in the 500 range in the classifieds. 500 vs 2500?

Are you planning on a 2wd or syncro?

Zeitgeist 13 Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:23 pm

My Bluestar is 2WD. I take it the Syncros require a special adaptation to the fuel tank in order to clear the starter.

Howesight Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:46 pm

Hi TDiVT and welcome aboard.

Since you already have a good AHU engine, you have a leg up on most engine swappers. The AHU was the newest TDi that swaps easily into the Vanagon with mostly VW factory parts. The funny looking oil pan that allows the VW diesel to be tipped over at a 50 degree angle fits all the early indirect injection diesels, from 1.6 litre to 1.9 litre and also the first two North American incarnations of the TDi, being the 1Z and the
AHU. It also fits the indirect injection turbo diesel AAZ engine.

That oil pan does not fit the later ALH engine. The ALH engine is considered more robust in some respects than the 1Z TDi, but not so much in relation to the AHU engine. So if you had wanted to install an ALH, you would either make a custom oil pan or you install the engine upright at the 15 degree from upright position, which is the position that they have in a Jetta/Golf and you ahve to raise the deck lid. Since you have an AHU, none of that is required.

A low mileage AHU, therefore is a real find.

All the parts that VW developed to install the IDI engines into the Vanagon, save for one, are useable in your intended swap.

The main parts are:
- diesel engine pattern bellhousing, input shaft and sheetmetal flywheel cover;
- diesel vanagon clutch disk;
- engine support bars;
- passenger side motor mount (bolts to the block);
- coolant hose kit;
- diesel vanagon oil pan, filler neck, dipstick;
- diesel vanagon oil pump;

New stuff to get:

- new rubber motor mounts;
- special driver's side motor mount (clears turbo)
- if you like, the AAZ exhaust manifold for a better-draining turbo;
- oil pump (you bolt on the diesel pickup);
- hose set
- air filter

Here's a link, old now, but still very comprehensive, of Haywood Sullivan who did a TDI swap years ago and documented everything:

For the parts you need new, see the online store section of the website of Greaseworks:

For used parts, if you can't find them locally, see this site of a fellow in Germany who sells used T3 diesel parts:

Take lots of pics and do a thread!

TDI_VT Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:50 pm

Wow thank you Howesight for a lot of info. I really appreciate that.

Another fun question brought up: Cant I just simply use the oil pump on the AHU? Do I need the one that you list? AHU is a mechanical pump, rarely a failure point.

The more i learn, the more I think I need to get started ASAP before the military ships my ass out of LA :P

Howesight Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:04 pm

The 50 degree oil pan requires you to use a special oil pump pickup that goes with the pan. While you are replacing the pan, it makes good sense to replace the pump. They do wear and you will never have an easier time to install a new one. The new pump will be similar to if not identical to the one you have already, if I recall correctly.

Yes, you do need to get collecting on your parts, but there are still a number of dead diesel vanagons and westies that the owners did not want to spend thousands on just for the privilege of going 57.3 mph downhill with the non-turbo 1.6 diesel engine. Keep looking.

My apologies in advance to the non-turbo 1.6 IDI owners out there for my slight exaggeration on top speed.

TDI_VT Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:07 pm

Ahhhhh k, gotcha. I will pick up the pump then.

LOL on the 57 Mph downhill. Nothing was more surprising to me than riding in my buddies 2.1 and realizing how slow these vans are.....what was VW old wagon with 312k miles on it could still do 110 mph...:P

tclark Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:39 pm

TDI Call List
Pro-Turn key installation diesel conversions Karl Mullendore- 301.637.2299
Reference Automotive Co-op. 360-752-9982 will do diesel conversions

DV Kit 909-391-6979 AnnArbour Michgan
500 kit - Bellhouse, Flywheel, Pick up tube for oilpump, Oil filler tube, Oil pan, Engine Carrier and Engine brackets.

and here kitchen sink in no particular order

AHU Engine options
1Z(Early)/AHU(Later) allow 50degreee slant under deck also known as A3
AHU 1997 to early 1999 Jetta TDI MkIII (A3 chassis),
1996-1998 Golf 1.9L TDI
1996-1997 Passat TDI (B4 chassis), never put into production
on the block below the #3 cylinder (1-4 left to right, pulley to flywheel direction) you should find a machined area with the engine type and serial number. glow plug tdi 97-98 resellers they have new diesel engines aka is selling pump duse kits 12K
Volvo 740 liquid filled motor mounts for max vibration absorbtion/dampening not direct fit RPI Equipped Unit 325 - 5930 No. 6 Road, Richmond BC V6V 1Z1 604-944-0494 aaz $3100,(ALH) 4230 $6500

Turbo options
Garrett OEM Turbocharger for 1996 - 1998 VW TDI Jettas and Passats (A3 & B4 chassis) K03, K04
VW Part Numbers - 028145701J / 028145701Q, Other Part Numbers - 454083-0001 / 454083-0002
dont payless than $600 it will be JUNK hybird SKU:K03/K04HSW HotSideWork//K03/K04//A3hybrid

MTDI Pumps 905-940-2266 Giles Gallie m-tdi pump 1500 + 150 + 300install core for AAZ pump + electronic pump from the 97-99 tdi AHU long block (416) 514-0284
The feed should be at 12 and the drain should be at 6. Obviously this is ideal, having the drain at 3 oclock is a recipe for failed seals.
late model manifold it is 3-4" higher than the stock mani so you can actually get more than an 1/8" of fall to the drain line
Chris DeLong Fine Tuning 206.522.5503 Seattle, WA USA
Pentosin 10w-40 full synthetic for all my TDI 48 Palmerston Avenue Toronto, ON M6J 2J1 Canada # Telephone: (416) 579-5820

gas vanagon tach to run off the w terminal of the alt like a normal diesel tach. Quantum Turbo Diesel,
You can get a signal converter(DSL-1 D) from Dakota Digital that converts the w terminal alternator signal to a typical ignition signal. does not work with 86-91 vans
1) get a 80-83 vanagon diesel tach , 82-85 Quantum Turbo Diesel, 1985 to 1992 mark2/a2 golf/jetta/passat diesel tach using w connector on alt.
early' Mk2 Golf/Jetta/Passat(?) tacho faces have the same two cutouts ->VDO part #333 054 this all use the part ?
CE2 193919253C
86-91? Mk2 diesel Jetta & Golf models CE2
2) get a converter(DSL-1 D) from Dakota Digital & hook right up to old gas tach using w connector on alt.
3) do electrionic voodoo on the gas circuit board using w connector on alt.
4) tach from an 84 85 vanagon using ECU signal

EP132 EGT Probe (1/8 NPT)10-01478 $41.25
EPE130.15 EGT Extension Lead (15 ft.)10-01481 $36.75 MI1020-4 Part 15/16 MI1020-2 gauge MI1001-16, MI1008-1, MI1005-1, MI1004-3

BORA AHU Timing Belt Kit
Thermostat Stant part number 13379, vw 044121113, Wahler 51177 thermostat housing 037121121A buy with new thermostat
AHU sensor = 6U0-919-501-B looks like same form factor as 2PIn 025906041A, 4pin 357919501A
coolant temperture sensor 191-919-369-A, 025906041A FAE1635405, W01331635405FAE, W0133-1635405, W01331635405, C6020-52654
coolant sensor o ring N 903 168 02

ECU 1.9 TDI ahu 028.906.021 AF vw 028-906-021-JG 1995-998 WITH 1Z OR AHU ENGINE CODE.

Get the excellent input shaft from,
it allows you to use the stock TDI clutch disc instead of the weaker WBX disc

TDI Oils
CG-4 or CH-4 rated synthetic oil
Shell Rotella T (full synthetic version, not to be confused with Rotella SB synthetic blend or regular Rotella T non-synthetic)
Mobil Delvac 1, 5w40 (full synthetic, a reformulated version of Mobil 1 which is intended for diesel engines)
Chevron Delo 400, 5w40 (full synthetic version)
Amsoil Series 3000, 5w30 (full synthetic, CH-4 rated)
Amsoil High Performance, 10w40 (full synthetic, CH-4 rated)
Amsoil semi-synthetic 15w40 (CH-4 rated and high quality, but almost as expensive as the full synthetic, and higher viscosity at low temperatures)
AMSOIL European Car Formula 5W-40 Now Good for VW 505.01
Redline, synthetic version (make sure you get the type meant for diesel engines, with the CG-4 or CH-4 rating)

Oil Filter options
vw-068 115 561E, Mann 840/2, K/N HP-3001 Hengst h17w05 std oem
Oil Filter vw-068115561B Mann: W940/25,90301. from 1.8T larger capacity, WIX# 51191 smaller K&N HP-1009, beckArney 0418139, BOSCH 72174 fram PH2815,
oil filter vw074 115 561 Best WIX 51333/NapaGold 1333, Mann W950/4 , PUROLATOR L40316 and PE316


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