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tochtli83 Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:42 pm

I bought some NOS floor mats for water cooled cars from John. Everything was as-described and the packing and shipping were spot-on.

Thanks again!


John Hamill
John's Car Care
[email protected]

VW Addict Sun Jul 03, 2011 6:09 am

I am having a VERY difficult time with John. I bought some tail lights from him:

And since he does not take pay-pal, I had mailed him a check. After about a week, I never heard from him, so I emailed him and asked him if he received the check. Two days later, he emails me back and said yes, he did receive the check and my tail lights would be shipping that day (7-22-11). So I replied and asked him once he sends it out, to send me a tracking number for the tail lights.

Three days go by again and no response, so I email John again, Quote: "John, do you have a tracking number for these tail lights?"

Another two days go by... and finally, John emails me back and says:
Quote: "Yes I do. . . let me know if you need it Thanks = John JCC"

I reply: Quote: "John, Yes, obviously I am asking for it please. This is my third time asking. Please send me the tracking number."

Three days later... 7/3/11 John replies:
Quote: I gave you the tracking number over the phone... you can trace the package via the internet. The tail lights were shipped last week via US Postal system. Let me know when you receive them = John JCC

At this time, I am frustrated because
A.) John never called me. I have been sending EMAILS, clearly asking for the tracking number.
B.) John does not even have my phone number.
C.) I still do not have these tail lights after he "shipped them" 10 days ago...

So, I replied:
Quote: John,

You never called me. You don't even have my phone number. What are you trying to play here?? This is ridiculous!! Send me the tracking via email!


To this day, I have not received any tail lights. My check has been cleared and cashed and I am not happy at all the way things are going with this transaction!

VW Addict Sun Jul 10, 2011 6:05 am


Not only did John have horrible communication with me, and took over 3 weeks to finally recieve my tail lights I bought, but he jipped me as well.

John has the following ad on the samba:

It clearly says: "I have two pairs left."

MY FIRST email to John stated: Quote: What your best price shipped if I buy two pairs?

John replied: Quote: 2x39.90=$79.80 + $15 ship . . . $94.80

I replied: Quote: If you would take $90 for both pairs... shipped, I'll take them, please let me know I am in TN and will send a check out first thing if you agree--Thanks

John replied: Quote: Sure - go ahead! Send check or money order to: John's Car Corner Box 85 Westminster, VT 05158 Please be sure and include your name/address and what it is you are purchasing. Thanks = John

John immediately got my check and cashed it. I verified with my online banking account, and could see the posted check in my account. It took John over three weeks to ship and mail this package to me. It arrived yesterday afternoon. Inside was 2 tail lights.

I immediately called John. No answer. So I sent a email: Quote: John,

I ordered TWO PAIRS. You sent one pair. I paid $90 shipped for TWO PAIRS. I only received 2 taillights in total. Please advise and send me the other two ASAP.... I will be awaiting your reply. Thanks

John replies this morning: Quote: The tail light assemblies sell for $39 each. two assys = $78 add $12 shipping brings the total to $90. A real bargain at any stretch of the imagination.

Once again, I just emailed John. This is getting ridiculous! Crook!

Quote: John,


"What your best price shipped if I buy two pairs?"

Yor replied: $94.80.

I said I needed TWO PAIRS, several times in our emails.

I will not ship these back. You have my money and screwed me on a pair of tail lights.
I can buy these new for $29.95 EACH, NOT A PAIR, ELSEWHERE!


You clearly agreed on selling me two pairs. Man up and send me the other set we agreed on. I'm giving you until Saturday, July 16th, to send me the other set, or send me $45 (half my money returned to me). I travel all over the North East to VW shows. I've been all over to shows and I'm sure that one day we will meet up. This is your opportunity to man up and make right.


I am awaiting to hear back from John. It is my clear opinionated recommendation that you do not deal with this crook seller!

Buzzard Tue Jul 26, 2011 4:20 pm

Beware- I took a day off work to visit Johns shop which was almost 2 hours away from my house. I'm in the market for a Beetle and he had a few listed here on the Samba. He had rated the car I was interested in as a 1, the body, pan and interior were in excellent shape but after a test ride, the engine was bleeding oil from every seam. He also had another car, a 1957, listed as a 2 here on the samba. That cars interior was shot, there was no carpet, he admitted the engine needed work and the paint was shot. Not even close to a 2.

Overall, the experience of visiting his shop was ok, there are a lot of neat cars and parts scattered around and John is very nice. Just beware of the ratings of his vehicles, they are exaggerated. Whoever is listing his vehicles here needs to reread the rating system.

Maggiolone Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:14 am

Seller responded to my initial request about one of his items.

I asked for further details, including parts numbers and if he takes PayPal or cheques.

Two emails later, and no response, but his ads are up and being updated.

EverettB Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:20 pm

I bought 2 parts recently.

Everything went smooth and he kept me up to date on when it was shipped, etc.

dhaavers Wed May 23, 2012 12:20 pm

Just bought a good used headlight from John.
Part arrived in a timely manner, in good condition, as described.

Overall, communication (all by email) was "quirky/sporadic". He was usually just a step behind me (I had to ask
for info & updates before he'd provide any) but everything turned out fine & I'll probably buy from him again.

I forgot to do delivery confirmation when I sent payment - no problems, but I'll remember to do that in the future.

RCB Wed Aug 15, 2012 7:44 am

Am looking for bumper for my 82 Westy. Sent an email asking for additional information, a picture, shipping cost, response after a few days. Decided to purchase from a vendor who is way more responsive than this guy John.

sparkleplenty Wed Sep 26, 2012 5:38 pm

I bought some lowlight bumper pieces from John. Communication was good. He replied to all of my emails. Shipping was good and items as described... 8)

Obsolete Man Mon Feb 11, 2013 5:24 pm

I am having a very hard time with John Hamill.
I keep asking John for a total price including shipping. John simply sends my email back to me(is this a joke!haha!).
Some days I think this may be a mistake, or perhaps he just does not want to do business. This is not the first time I have tried and failed to spend my money with John, and I really wanted to spend it.
I have been thinking to just figure out shipping costs and send the payment...uh...maybe not a good idea without an agreement.
I wish.

Obsolete Man Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:17 am

John Hamill did contact me. My check is on it's way to him.
I should be more mindful that my elders were not "born with the existence of computers". I did not recognized the signs that John is less comfortable with the computer than the old standard ways of commerce that we have used for so long. This is not a flaw, but a fair and reasonable old standard way of conducting business. I did not read the situation properly.
I have been in Johns shop in my travels and have been treated fairly, got what I needed and returned to enjoying the northeast when he filled my needs. I was glad to get what I needed and be a tourist again.
thanks John,

Tram Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:58 pm

Just did a deal with John. Being an impatient bastard, I was sort of miffed that he didn't do PayPal... but the wait of sending a snail mail payment was worth the joy of a true NOS fuel injected Type 3 oil bath air cleaner... with rubber elbow and clamps... all still in a light coating of cosmoline. What a thing of beauty, and well worth the slight wait. :D

Oh, and if you get a return Email from John that seems to have no message and is just a return of the email you sent- scroll all the way to the BOTTOM. :wink:

Thanks, John! This will just make this project snap!

tochtli83 Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:23 pm

This is about the 3rd time I've bought from John.

Is the transaction quick and easy? No. But then again, all good things to those who wait.

He don't do PayPal.

BUT.... he's got some killer stuff tucked away in that attic. I've yet to be disappointed by the service or the products.

He's old-school. Get used to that fact, and you'll love what you get. If you're of the text generation, don't even bother. You'll be banging your iphone/samsung galaxy against you head. If not, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

vdubfan68 Sun Oct 20, 2013 9:11 pm

First time buyer with John . The original order was incorrect . But John Responded to my Email the next day . And expressed concern with the order . I sent back the incorrect items . And he sent me the correct ones ,a few days later. And refunded my return shipping costs as well . The whole process took a couple weeks . But John Corrected the problem and everything is GREAT !! Now . We all make mistakes some time . I would buy from John Again Without hesitation . THANK YOU JOHN !! :vw:

Gnarlodious Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:47 am

For starters, I donít believe this guy is a swindler but rather unable to do business by modern standards. Several days between emails is normal, and cryptic text not very informative.

Getting no straight answer, I sent $70 PayPal just to get the part in the mail, but after a few weeks upon asking discovered he does not take PayPal. I could not cancel the payment since the money had already been accepted and was sitting in his account which he had no knowledge of. He demanded I send a money order which raised the red flag since I would be paying twice. I filed a dispute with PayPal hoping to get the money back but have not heard from either party in 6 weeks. Meanwhile I am out $70.

At this point I doubt I would buy from this guy even if the dispute was resolved. Which is too bad, he has a hard-to-find part I need :cry:

vw7266 Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:46 am

Don't waste your time with this guy....I inquired about a vanagon part and was quoted $200 I called spoke with them and never got a return call about a shipping told. Emailed again and the price was raised to $350 for the part I had just been quoted 200 for...Don't waste your time!

RunningRough Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:27 am

I recently bought a bus and some accessories from John. When I arrived I found the bus to be as described/pictured. We negotiated a price that worked for both of us......on my trailer the bus went.

I found John to be a great guy and I would not hesitate to make the trip to his shop again. This guy is older........and old school. He doesn't have an Iphone in his pocket that will notify him of emails....seems like he "may" check his email one time a day at best. Just the way it is.

I don't think you will find any crazy good deals there, but I do not take this guy for a crook of any kind.

MaximumFinishes Wed Oct 08, 2014 6:57 pm

I ordered a used mirror for my Bus over the phone. Installed it today and all went swimmingly. I will order from him again.

Jeff Geisen Sun Dec 28, 2014 2:00 pm

I had a recent raised price issue with this seller. The current ad states "save big-time on brake shoes Price $16 & up"

When I replied last week the title in the ad stated $16 a set, overstocked. It did not have the "& up". To me, as a seller and buyer here, I would have honored a price I posted even if I made a typo placing the ad. I would have sold brake shoes up till the edit at the posted price in order not to alienate a buyer.

I knew I would pay extra for shipping & handling, but $52 shipped?

I have never posted anything but positive feedback. While no real harm was done to me here, and I don't want this interpreted as bad feedback, I will pass on this "closeout price".

Maybe this seller will have a chance to make a deal with me in the future.

corniglio Fri Dec 18, 2015 9:32 am

i was very surprised to see any negative comments on john hamil here..i have made the trip to johns car care in westminster vermont twice in the last few months. john is a gentleman and a pleasure to deal with. his knowledge of volkswagen is vast and it is a pleasure to discuss vw with him. he has treated me very well and his parts are excellent and his pricing is very fair. i have bought several items from him with no regrets. his inventory is amazing and well organized. needless to say, i will continue doing business with him. anyone who is within traveling distance from him would be well served to see first hand what he has and will not leave disappointed.

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