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Chalo Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:48 am

This seller, Andrew, sold me en engine case. I asked the bearing surface conditions. He answered that there were very good and that the case was a good case to build an engine. The photos did not show how bad the thrust bearings surfaces condition were in. They were so bad that the case is completely unusable: I threw it to the recyclable garabe can. Witness? My technicial, who is an expert on beetles, he said that was completely damaged, Of course, even myself observed how damaged it was: you did not need to be an expert.... it was unbeliebable....

Mr Andrew therefore acted very wrong. He proved to be a deshonest person. I hope that the $70 dollars I paid (for shipping about $35) can solve any economic situation he may have had. Why then stold $70 dollars? You must be in real need.

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