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VWporscheGT3 Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:06 pm

Meet Donald!

He's was your typical 69 fasty when I found him, unloved , un-cared for, weak ass 1600cc motor that promptly seized upon purchase (if by purchase i mean traded a 88 Jeep cherokee for than yes, dont worry the jeep promptly threw a rod through the oil pan after said seizing) He came from the factory with a sunroof, Automatic transmission , Brown interior and savanah beige (beige none the less) paint job. Oddly enough i grew up down the street from this car and one of my friends brothers actually owned the car before I did. He has Issues when i found him , among them being 135's up front which made for incredibly scary emergency stopping. the electrical was crap, whoever was messing with it thought they knew what they were doing, aparently a brown bentley was too much wisdom for them.
I sorted out most of the problems and then tried to drive him as a primary vehicle.... my mistake becuase i knew nothing about cars at the time and even little about the samba. The Fresh rebuild promptly seized like a said above. i dont remember exactly what happened but it happened. I had also been given a 68 Fasty that i stole parts from the seats in the picture above came from said fastback (which are now tucked away above Donald in the garage. I stole the engine from the 68 (which had title issues) and it was a gex motor... a very tired....tired gex motor. I drove the car all over the Antelope Valley (so cal) until the tranny went out... being a dumb teenager i promptly ripped out the auto , cut a hole in the tunnel and stuffed in a manual.
word to younguns...... DONT DATE EVIL REDHEADS! this particular evil redhead not only drove me insane but out of the state. during this unbelievably bad time the Gex motor finally gave it up and threw a rod, ironicly enough when i was trying to drive him to safety storage to get away from said car bashing evil red head.... shut up , im not bitter!
I came up to carson city nevada to find a job and did saying i would be back in three months. I got back home to palmdale, and decided that donald needed a 1914cc motor... wasted plenty of money in the wrong areas to build a 1914 that really didnt make any sense and also rebuild an 87 El camino's nose (that my little sister wrecked) and moved up to carson city. the above picture is him sitting at my grandparents house collecting snow. it was a big winter and i never had seen as much snow in my life!
Fast forward, I met my wife in 2005 , we had a baby girl and thus my ways of frivolously spending money ended... much to the dismay of Donald. in 2004 i bought a squareback that i drove daily and then i did a first to reverse and blew up the tranny. i needed a daily driver from reno to carson every day so i plugged in the squares 1600 and drove donald daily for about a year racking up about 40,000 miles in 6 months... dont ask me how i did it , i still scratch my head thinking about it. the motor was getting tired , when i bought the square it had 45000 on it already. since the motor was dieing i decided it would be better if i bought a toyota... not just any toyota... but one from my crackhead sister.....brilliant right? so the toyota became the daily driver and donald went back to the driveway in the above picture!
In 2007 we moved into a house with a garage....i got donald up to reno and started tearing into him. I wanted to a do a full body off resto-custom. not show quality but something i would be happy with . since 2007 this is my progress.... but since im tired ill just post the picture and update more tomorrow! hopefully ill find some more pictures and get them posted! thanks for looking guys!


Critter1 Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:07 am

Wow great story! Good to see another Fasty getting brought back to life. I think there's more Fasty builds going on here right now than Squares & Notches.. Jussayin :).

Brent Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:39 am

Wow. You really have a lot into this project already. Can't wait for the updates.

dragsters for life Thu Nov 17, 2011 12:23 pm

i gotta get me a fasty someday

Critter1 Thu Nov 17, 2011 12:39 pm

dragsters for life wrote: i gotta get me a fasty someday
That's the spirit! Hey the Fasty is the new split... ;)

IAMIROY Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:27 pm

Nice Trevor, can't wait to see more updates.

Bobnotch Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:24 pm

So Trevor, did you paint the blue on before or after 2007? It looks good, just need to spend more time on it. :wink:

VWporscheGT3 Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:44 pm

this is donald about a year ago. i had him that far assembled to be able to move him, we were in the process of buying a house.

and the infamous el camino with a nose job which im currently getting back on the road also, nevermind some el camino hating moderator nixed it..... there was a vw in the backround.... just sayin.....

like i said we were in the process of buying a house at the time and i had him assembled like that just for easy movement.
Im still having a hard time finding earlier photos but i will find them and post them soon. when i began the teardown process i was selling squareback parts to fund the project. I was driving the el camino daily and shortly there after my grandpa bought me a 93 jeep cherokee which i still have and is the family beater. for you rust belt folks im sorry but this car was pretty solid, it had been in minor scrapes and such but that was it. the only area i had rust through was underneath the battery. I cut out the frilly part of the rear apron and replaced it with flat metal (roof section from the 68 Squareback) its not perfect but will be hiding behind the bumper anyways. later in 2007 we had to move to carson city, to be honest i hate Reno , it sucks. We were in the place you see in the pictures up until march of this year. and unfortunately i didnt make much progress except for giving the top part of the shell a quick spray which i have to sand down and respray anyways cuase my coverage sucked but atleast i have a base now.
the motor is a 1914 , which is now disassembled becuase i plan to go a different route with it , dual dellorto 45's etc, etc etc..... The trans that is going in him is a single side cover IRS trans from a 75 Super beetle with the Freeway flyer diff and gearing. My goal for this car is this... i want a fun weekend driver. something i can flog on a regular basis . my budget is limited so my goals for now is to get him looking decent and driving and replace things as i go.. suspension componants etc.
I gotta get dinner going so i will write more later. talk to you folks soon!

dragsters for life Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:10 pm

Critter1 wrote: dragsters for life wrote: i gotta get me a fasty someday
That's the spirit! Hey the Fasty is the new split... ;)

i got a square and a notch now its fastie time, all lates then one of each in the early and ill have the set

Brent Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:14 pm

dragsters for life wrote: Critter1 wrote: dragsters for life wrote: i gotta get me a fasty someday
That's the spirit! Hey the Fasty is the new split... ;)

i got a square and a notch now its fastie time, all lates then one of each in the early and ill have the set

Saving the best for last...

VWporscheGT3 Tue Nov 22, 2011 5:09 pm

Here are the plans boys and gals (if there are any)

Since I've resigned myself to never owning a Porsche long ago i decided to go a certain direction with my fastback. I once was going to go a pimp Luxury ride with leather heated seat, AC, fully auto and a batch of different goodies, but thats not what I'm after these days. Im a strong follower of the less is more creed and thats what I'm going to do with my fasty. think of it as a 311RS (i know someone has already used that before, im barrowing the idea)

The rear fenders are going to be "forced out" an Idea barrowed from Jaranson! i will force flare the fenders about 1 3/4" to allow more room for a little wider rubber. the rear suspension for now will be considered stage 1 cheap coil overs will be stiffened up for a little tighter suspension, im also going to experiment with sway bars from the front of chevy's on the rear suspension

The front suspension will be mostly stock, for the front i will modify a pair of link pin front coil overs for the appropriate height as well as work on experimenting with a new front sway bar in place of the factory unit, utilizing the space saving by doing what the factory did with the front.

the engine is going to be re assembled as a 2110cc

76mm CB Crank
94mm "A" cima pistons lightened and balanced
W125 or CB equivilent
lightweight lifters
44 x 37 heads (porting done by a reputable shop)
1.4 ratio rockers
Chromoly pushrods
lightened flywheel
Dual Dell 45's
going to expirment with a lightened. welded and balanced fan and generator pulley
Full Flow with a massive oil pump due to the oil cooler being mounted in the spare tire well.
the assembly will be balanced and so on. Aimed compression ration atleast 9.5:1

Strengthened internally single side cover trans case with all the freeway flyer bits. Limited slip diff, welded gears ... we'll see how long it lasts.

interior will be minimalist. no sound deadening the savings in weight will be offset with the addition of other parts I'm sure Grey carpeting and headliner carpeted trunks so that will be about the only sound deadening.

Battery will be in the frunk. spare tire mounted above the gas tank strapped in by a seat belt style clicker. i think it will look good but we'll see how it goes. Fuel pump will be in easy access in the frunk next to the oil cooler.

Im open to Idea's and suggestions, you may say something i never thought about, dont worry i wont go pitslayer on you :lol:

marchi Tue Nov 22, 2011 7:52 pm

Sounds pretty sweet

supaninja Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:13 pm

I'm liking the direction...alot!

Have you thought about going with something a little more controllable for the fuel and ignition?

Bobnotch Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:56 am

I just don't like the idea of a lightened flywheel on a street car. You actually need that extra couple of pounds to help move it around.
I kept the full weight flywheel on my 71 Notch, even with the Counter Weighted crank. It just helps take offs that much more, and helps smooth some of the vibrations (harmonics) of the engine.

Keep in mind that the big cooling fan is also a harmonic balancer. :wink:

VWporscheGT3 Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:29 am

Nick (supa) I have considered Megasquirt/microsquuirt .. whatever its called (its 7:00 in the morning im not very awake at the moment) i would love to go with a trigger wheel ignition. Like I always complain about im pretty broke most of the time. Ill use the Dell's until i can afford a good F.I. setup. I would like to make this motor pretty bullet proof would love to go with an aluminum case.... yet is always a factor. most of the stuff im going to tackle can be nickle and dimed here and there to get me to the end result. come tax time if our return is nice enough i get 500$ to play with... gonna buy all my rubber and fender welting when i get that so i can get the body back together and such. right now im focusing on getting the suspension, brakes , oil lines, gas lines all sorted and then body work. my goal is to have a car that actually looks like a complete car by july. we'll see though

Bob, I agree with you, this car though wont be used as a daily driver, as such i will rarely take it into town. traffic permitting the motor will regularly se anywhere from 2500 to 6500 rpm , i want the motor to live in the upper rpm ranges. canyon driving (mountain pass here, the southern californian in me misses mullholland drive, San fransiscito, bouqet canyon road, solodad canyon... but ill make due with tahoe :wink: ) like i said though i will be expirimenting with the lightened fan , though now that i think about it dont think is possible... but welded and uber balanced will be key! the internals will be balanced to the closest possible specs i can attain. and the rotating mass with be as tightly balanced as any shop in the area can balance it... i want it perfect. and what i will probably do is have them balance the assembly with a full weight flywheel also incase it becomes to much of a handful on take offs.

but we'll see, hopefully tonight i can get some pictures.. i need to get the rear suspension back under the car... it'll make the wife feel better that its resting on all four wheels. For the most part the garage is mine , but the car we pay on has to have a spot in the garage, i get to kick it out every now and then but it needs its spot....

Bob, Nick thanks for the input i appreciate it!!!! :)

Brent Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:57 am

I wouldn't weld the inner hub on your fan, only the blades. There are rubber spacers between the hub and fan. As Bob mentioned they function to balance the rotating mass. This is the welded fan I took out of my engine while pulling everything apart.

VWporscheGT3 Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:29 am

what i meant was the fins themselves... ive already seen the horror stories of welded hubs... im pretty sure the fans i have good rubber inserts in them anyways. but i would love to blow one of these apart and experiment with different dampening compounds... would be fun. Thanks Brent! :)

Houstonr Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:19 pm

Bobnotch Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:51 pm

VWporscheGT3 wrote: Im open to Idea's and suggestions, you may say something i never thought about, dont worry i wont go pitslayer on you :lol:

Hey, I just thought I'd post those up. Didn't know IF you had researched them or not. The balance of what you want to do is fine. :twisted:

VWporscheGT3 Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:17 pm

Hey bob! you said nothing wrong i was just trying to make myself clear. but i understand where your comming from. dont follow you brother is this your way of calling me a boob? :lol:

ok so in the first post i gave a little history about the car and mentioned that the car had a catastrophic engine failure via throwing a rod... famous number three , for you veiwing pleasure i present to you....

the rod stayed in the case. the case being what it was ... a gex... was 60 over on the line bore at that time and was completely shot. but amazingly enough the rod never went through the case. the cam broke in three places and the crank snapped in two. and number 1 seized solid when she finally croaked with i still had some of those souvineirs

so tonight I got to put the so called rear suspension back together and under the car... its only good for moving the car in and out of the garage im going to have to do a full build-up on a rear suspension and heres why. The IRS mounts were welded in incorrectly , i chose to trust that someone else knew what they were doing and they obviously didnt. my mistake wont happen again. but it does help put the tires in a location that helps simulate larger tires , they sit out about an inch on either side (as opposed to stock) it will help with mock up for the fenders and body work. so the rear suspension is on delay until i can get some new IRS mounts to weld in CORRECTLY this time into the other rear suspension housing i have. other parts ill need for this is double plate IRS spring plates, trailing arms , bushings, and somehow to come up with the money for the solid rear suspension mounts. ill figure out a Kafer bar setup and try to share with you all before i go ahead with it , like i said I want input. whats the worst i can say... nah? anyways so the car is sitting on 3 wheels, i need to get a tire mounted onto one of the rivi's so i can put it back on 4 wheels again and move the pig around.
Ill have more pictures soon , i need to buy batteries for the camera, this canon power shot A1100 IS sucks up batteries, especially when wives forget to turn the bugger off......... dont tell her i said that. lol :lol:

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