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valentinesr Fri Nov 18, 2011 6:14 am

Great guy.. Purchased a set of 4 + 1 (Spare) of his Chromed out 5 Spokes.. Absolutely pleased with the way they came out.. Nice deep and thick fresh chrome.. Even my spare.. Thanks Tony.. Great guy to deal with.. perfect transactions, good communication; even worked with me while I was in Kuwait before getting home.. Ill be looking for him when I get back, for more chrome on other items.. Thanks for the rims Tony..

67Callooker Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:22 pm

got some ida stacks from tony today finish is awesome ! more than pleased

Jake Martinez Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:24 am

this dude is a great buyer! would buy or sell to again! :D

walkthru Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:41 am

Asked Tony for a price on some chrome work. Said he needed pictures. Sent them to him. Heard nothing. E-Mailed him again. Said he was busy, wanted pics sent again. Sent them. Heard nothing. E-Mailed him again to see if he got my pics. Heard nothing. If you have time to waste, Tony would be a good place to start. As for me.... never again.

Goshen Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:58 pm

Flawless transaction.. got the chrome billet dash knobs and they were bigger than the stock ones but oh well.. they are in there because i needed them for a show of which i got 2nd place best of show.

bugbyte Sat Oct 04, 2014 1:23 pm

Tony was selling me a firewall, but I had a change of plans and asked to forego the purchase. He was gracious about the cancelling. Thanks Tony.

Tram Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:52 am

walkthru wrote: Asked Tony for a price on some chrome work. Said he needed pictures. Sent them to him. Heard nothing. E-Mailed him again. Said he was busy, wanted pics sent again. Sent them. Heard nothing. E-Mailed him again to see if he got my pics. Heard nothing. If you have time to waste, Tony would be a good place to start. As for me.... never again.

My story started off a lot like yours. I'd say you got lucky.

Our local chrome guys here changed hands and got totally unreliable, and I have a customer's Mercedes 230SL restoration I'm in the middle of.

A friend of mine told me about this Tony guy who has a plating shop and he'd bought some stuff from that went well.

So, we made contact. Tony wanted pics of all the stuff I wanted chromed. We sent them. A week later- follow up- needed to send them again. then silence.

Winds up Tony and wife had a kid. Well, ya can't really blame a fella for being flaky with that going on, so got a bid of $1K with a two week turnaround and tony wanted $500 down. Seemed too good to be true for 102 pieces of small trim (not counting bumpers, lights, or grille) but I fired off a PayPal payment to the specified address and boxed and shipped the stuff. "Seemed too good to be true"... Lesson: Always trust your gut.

I look at our hero Tony'd adds, and I find this:
" I'm a actual chrome shop. Not a middle man! I chrome rims,bumper,engine parts,motorcycle parts. And u name it We chrome it! "

About 4 weeks later and no word. My buddy shoots Tony a text and tony responds something to the effect that there's a lot of chrome there (yeah, you saw the pictures to make the quote, right?) and it was going to be $1500 and Labor Day, neither of which was really a problem, so... yeah.

It's now a couple days after Labor Day, and Tony has stopped responding to texts, so I send him an email asking when I can get my parts back. He responds
"I'll be checking on all the parts this afternoon will give yeah send email or call you back later today thank you"

Wait a sec- you're a "real chrome shop" and "not a middle man", but you have to check on it this afternoon?
Well, "this afternoon" stretches into 15 days and three emails from me before I finally get "I'll be checking on all the parts this afternoon will give yeah send email or call you back later today thank you"

Ok, so I wait. Another week goes by and I try again. No response. I try again a week later- No response. I PM him on here and try his cell. Every time I ring his cell, I get one ring and dead.

Now I'm starting to panic because I'm doing a lot of checking and coming up with real- world figures of $10 to 15K to replace all this stuff- IF I can even find it all- then I'd still have to get most if not all of it rechromed. I'm getting ready to call the cops, my attorney, everyone I can. I'm trying to find someone in the area to go find this clown.

Then, I got a break in the case- an Email from "Tony's wife": "11409 Stewart St
El Monte, CA 91731
Get Directions
Phone number(626) 448-3607
Call. Talk to Darrel He has the parts with price!! Unfortunately tony is and not available until January !!!
Tony's wife"

This is the evening of October 23rd.

So, the next day I call and talk to Darrell. Really nice guy. As suspected, our man Tony ain't a "actual chrome shop", and he IS a middleman... who drives a uniform supply truck. El Monte Plating is on his route. You can see the uniform truck in some of his ads. He says that Tony was bringing him regular work for years, they had a good rapport, but then Tony just disappeared, and Darrell had ALL this chrome stuff he was afraid he'd never get paid for. I asked him the price and he said $2500. I said "I don't suppose Tony gave you the $500 down I sent him along with the chrome" You already know the answer.

A friend of the friend that got me involved in this in the first place ( :lol: at Matt, ya stupid bastige) agreed to be the "point man" to go pay Darrell who is an old school cash and carry sort of guy- no Paypal or anything like that, and pack the stuff up and ship it for a fee. i wire him the dough and away we go.

I got the first box of chrome back today and the second one is enroute. I have to say that this is some of the most drop- dead gorgeous chrome work- INCLUDING THE POT METAL PIECES that were HEAVILY pitted- I've ever seen, and in spite of the fact it's way more that Tony's "I am a actual chrome shop - not a middle man" quote, what I see is worth every penny. Plus, the $2800 it cost me to get it paid for, picked up, wrapped, boxed, and shipped is really closer to what I EXPECTED to pay, and QUITE a savings over what it would have cost me to *try* to replace this stuff AND still have it plated.

So, in a way, all's well that ends well. I'm going to be most definitely sending Darrell at El Monte Plating a LOT more work. I think I found "my" chrome shop! :D

BUT- There's still the "little" problem of the $500 PayPal deposit I sent Mr. "I am not a middle man" Strong on 9. June. I think $500 is a little steep for delivering a couple big boxes of stuff that was shipped to his doorstep to a chrome shop on his delivery rout using his employer's vehicle and fuel. Maybe I am out of touch.

Oh, and as far as "won't be available until January"? I see he's visited The Samba every day, and still has ads up that have been renewed three times since he became "unavailable"... in fact, most of them were updated on 12. November and one on the 15th... and he last visited here today.

I sent "Tony's wife" an mail about this on the 31st of October:
From: George Stoffer <[email protected]>
To: Deon Strong <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, October 31, 2014 6:23 PM
Subject: Re: Mercedes chrome

Hi "Tony's Wife":

Had somebody in the area pick up the chrome for me after contacting Darrell. It was far more than Tony quoted me and there are a few pieces missing. Please remind Tony that he represented himself as being a "real chrome shop" and not a middle man, and he received a $500.00 PayPal deposit from me to do the re-chroming. Darrell informs me that he never got a deposit.

Perhaps that just slipped Tony's mind. If you could remind him of that and tell him he can Paypal it back to me at [email protected] I'd appreciate it very much.

Also- you might want to let him know that in spite of him being away and unavailable until January, for some reason, his stats on the Samba show him as visiting almost daily, and he has classified ads that updated on the evening of the 28th. Is there any chance his Samba account has been hijacked? Should I alert Everett about this? This concerns me. Let me know if I can help.

Best, George

Shockingly enough, there's been no response. LOL.

If Tony ever decides to do the right thing, I'll update this feedback- I'm not holding my breath, though.

Meanwhile- if you need a REAL chrome plater... Darrell at El Monte Plating is your man!

Tram Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:56 am

Well, I tried to preview the above post and got embroiled in "Captcha Hell". So I submitted it, but now I can't edit it because I'm getting the Captcha screen with a dark box where the text should be, so apologies for the typos! :roll:

Tram Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:41 pm

By way of update, since "Tony's wife" told me he 'wouldn't be available' until January (in spite of the fact that Tony seems to visit the site daily and update ads regularly including the ad that says he's a real chrome shop and NOT a middle man) I thought I'd take him at his word and give him until the end of the first week of January- six full weeks from my last post- to at least contact me and let me know how he was going to handle my $500 refund on my deposit (not to mention the missing parts)- but, alas, not a peep.

The only unfortunate conclusion I can reach is that this guy is a scammer. I'd avoid doing business here at all costs.

Don't get taken!

Tram Fri Jan 08, 2016 11:52 am

Well, here it is a year later- how time flies- and absolutely nothing has changed. Deon "Tony" Strong still has my money, and has never even bothered to contact me. Same ad is still up, claiming that he's a "real chrome shop"- still not any more true now than it was then.

He obviously could not care less what anybody thinks of him- including his possible future customers reading this.

EverettB Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:55 pm

I emailed him and copied you.

Can you post a link to the ad in question?
I don't see an ad from him offering chroming services.

60ragtop Sat Jan 09, 2016 6:11 am
Read the text in this ad :wink:

Tram Sat Jan 09, 2016 11:41 am

60ragtop wrote:
Read the text in this ad :wink:

Bingo. Last line of the ad:
"I'm a actual chrome shop. Not a middle man! I chrome rims,bumper,engine parts,off road ,motorcycle parts. And u name it We chrome it!"

Everett- thanks again. I think we played this game before, though. For some reason the email copies don't make it through. I've not been able to get any email notifications from TS for some years now and I've never been able to figure out why.

To make it clear to all, Everett is being a mensch by trying to intervene here- this isn't really TS or his problem. It seems that our boy Tony has been good, pretty much other than on my deal. I totally get that he got in over his head, because as I said upstream, I wound up getting to buy all my parts back from Darrel at El Monte Plating, one of the REAL chrome shops that Tony services on his uniform route.

That doesn't give Tony the right to keep my $500 deposit, though. Basically I paid him $500 to receive my huge box of parts at his chrome shop house and deliver it to El Monte Plating on his employer's dime.

That sucks.

Incidentally, here's the "real chrome shop" in all its glory beside the convertible he's selling:

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