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KäferKrieger Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:55 am


Oct 22, Sam said:

the shipping costs to the US are 30 € with a courier because there are delays at the American customs if we use USPS.
Oct 22, I Transferred Paypal to Sam

Oct.28, Sam wrote :

Your package is sent :27-10-2011
-TRACKING NUMBER 022003188204


I was patient when it didn't arrive w/in a week and started bugging Sam on

Nov 9, I wrote:

Hi Sam , No package yet. Can you tell me what website to use the tracking# at?

Nov 10, Sam wrote:

Your package is in your city.
will contact you.
please give me your phone number for contact.


Nov 10, I wrote;

Do you have any contact info on that courier (here in my town).?
I can go find their office and ask what their problem is

Thanks Again,
phone# 541-604-xxxx

Nov 10, Sam wrote:

OK, give you information as soon as possible.


Nov 11, Sam wrote:

The company that delivers your package is: IBC
PHONE NUMBER: 96027181081
Send Number: 0013055918080

Please let us know the arrival.

Nov 11, I wrote :

Hi Sam ,
There is nobody answering phones at IBC . They're not a local company so I don't think its in town.
The website says the tracking#022003188204 and ship# 0013055918080 you emailed aren't found @ .
Normally a small delay wouldn't concern me but because you said the courier should deliver in 3-5 days on 27-10-2011 I am wondering what happened.

Can you tell me how you found that its here in my town, And when are they going to phone me ?

phone 541-604-xxxx

Nov 11, Sam wrote :

The international department of our courier told us it had arrived at the US.We'll contact them again.
anyway, I scanned the receipt I got so that you can see it was sent while this gets clear.

Nov 13, Sam wrote :

On Monday we'll keep on asking our courier and hurrying them up .

Nov 14, Sam wrote :

Hello, we've contacted our courier and this is the last news.
The package is at the customs.We've been given a number, a reference or whatever they call it: 96027181081.

Nov 15, Sam wrote :



So I gave him my phone# AGAIN. His courier?? called and said she has the package in Florida I needed to pay US customs taxes of $42 or the pack would be returned to sender, but if I pay it will be delivered NEXTDAY FedEx. She asked for my email and then sent me an invoice.

On Nov 15, I wrote :

I received a call from the shadey couriers today asking me to pay them more money if I wanted to receive your shipment. They're asking for nearly $50 more. And these are not US customs fees they are courier fees. The package is actually in Florida thousands of miles away so I can't retrieve it either.
They say that I will get an email w/ all the info but still have not emailed me anything.
And they also say their fees must be paid by Friday or the package will go back.
When I purchased your parts I paid a premium to use your courier of choice.
Is this the type of courier delivery you contracted for?

On Nov 16, Sam wrote:

I tell you something

On Nov 16, Sam wrote:

What happens here in Spain when I import something from the US is that I have to pay taxes to the Spanish customs, and then I receive the goods.
It is true that your invoice comes from IBC and it seems they are the intermediary through which you pay the taxes to the American customs.That's what I understand.It's a different system but they make us pay taxes anyway.
The courier service we have makes us pay only for the shipping costs.

I paid Sams courier ransom w/ a VISA card. ( Its a good thing I paid CreditCard).

On Nov 21, I wrote:

I paid the couriers ransom last week but still no package.
Please update me,

On Nov 21, Sam wrote:

We think this is absolutely irregular. We'll write a complaint letter to our courier inmediately.We'll contact them again in an hour to enquire about what's going on.

The NEXT DAY, Sam wrote:

received your package?

On Nov 22, I wrote:

No Sam nothing.
They won't answer my emails and when I called the Florida phone# they put a PuertoRican woman on to pretend like she doesn't understand me.

Sam, Funny that they claim it was delivered . Please ask them who delivered it as well. And why has it never appeared in their tracking system?
I will also contact my creditcard to stop the extra payment I made to your courier last week.

On Nov 23, Sam wrote:

the last news is that the parcel is in deposit because it couldn't be delivered .
It means that they lied to us before when they said that it had been delivered. So we have made a formal complaint to our courier.
Could you contact IBC and check if this new version is correct?

On that same day, I replied:

I tried to contact IBC already. They won't answer emails and only answered the phone one time. And she said without a tracking# there is no way to answer my questions. The tracking# you told me is no good.
I've already started the dispute process w/ my creditcard company.

On Nov 24, Sam wrote:


And that was the last I heard from him.
Good thing I paid creditcard.

KäferKrieger Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:11 am

Credit chargebacks are complete.
Paypal cases are closed.
And still no contact from Sam since I mentioned Credit Dispute.

Its hard to tell if the scam started w/ him or IBC, but they are both playing on the same team. If Sam really sent parts then he should have asked IBC to comp him to resend my order.

And the secondary fees demanded by IBC are not USCustom fees. IBC lied and Sam attempted to support their lie w/ a bunch of BS.

EverettB Tue Nov 29, 2011 10:18 am

I see this person has not used the site since November 6, 2011 but I sent him an email about this posting and your feedback.

Let me know if he responds or if you see a login.

Sam Steel Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:34 pm

Brandon Johnson forgot to mention that we sent him a copy of the shipping documents and that we also offered to refund him the money.!!!
We paid a Spanish courier called Seur, which surrogates an American courier, IBC.The delivery problems started at IBC.
Our position at present is the following.
We sent the goods.
Paypal is retaining 430€/around 550$ because of the dispute .
Seur, the courier we paid, says it is not possible to return the package.
So, if we refund him the money right now, we we'll neither have our goods back or get the money back by Seur, our courier.
We can't talk to IBC, we only told Brandon what we were told by the Spanish courier.Did they lie to Us?did IBC lie to them?
We are waiting for Paypal to clear the dispute out.
We also made a written complaint to our courier because they didn't
delivery our goods.
We are sorry for all the inconveniences, But we are proud to say that this is our first problem of this type in three years.
We hope everything is OK in the end.

KäferKrieger Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:19 pm

Sam Steel wrote: Brandon Johnson forgot to mention that we sent him a copy of the shipping documents and that we also offered to refund him the money.!!!

where is the refund and why wasn't it processed?

And the phony? document you scanned has all the wrong info.
The person on the phone at your couriers said ( I think I understood her dialect) it looked like the package was never in their possession and your tracking# was no good.

And why did you stop email communication immediately after my claim was started?

Sam Steel Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:05 am

You will have your refund as soon as you have this answer, because it is wise to use the saying. THE CLIENT IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

why were we waiting?Because Paypal needs 10 days to solve the dispute, because we asked for a report from the American courier...

The document we sent is the original receipt with the tracking number in the Spanish courier website.When the IBC company gets it it has an international tracking number which is not on the document.

You didn't ask for an inmediate refund.You started the Paypal dispute and the bad publicity in this forum without talking to us about it.

Now (well, in 5 minutes) you will have your money back .

BUT we won't have our goods back because the taxes for the American customs weren't paid in time, and the official state of the package is ABANDONED" and it is in deposit.It can't be liberated unless a big amount of money(bigger each day) is paid.

These small things are part of business and we accept it.


We have been reasonable and we'd like you to be reasonable too.
could you please write, in this forum too, that you had your money refunded?
Thanks in advance.

Sam Steel Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:25 am

Can you send us your Paypal account so that we can refund your money?

KäferKrieger Sun Dec 04, 2011 9:06 am

Funny that Sam never provided any supporting documents/data to Paypal.

After he only mentioned refund on this thread to save face.
I told him to contact PayPal ... but he did not.

No refund was made, and paypal records show he never even contacted them about the non-delivered goods .

The document Sam scanned ( but didn't show to Paypal)
holds many discrepancies.
And IBC records seem to indicate that the shipment was faked by electronic submission of a manifest which was never completed.
Their listed package weight is less than half that it would really be.
He also put an unknown phone number listed as the recipients contact data.
And why ask here what my PayPal account is? All that info is on our Paypal transactions.

KäferKrieger Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:59 am

KäferKrieger Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:17 am

After some investigating, I can say SAM used a stolen shipping account to aquire a fake tracking# and post a bogus shipment.
Sam didn't put his real name/address/phone on the document he forged either.
And thats why IBC invoiced me for the original manifest when they realized Sams Scams .
Furthermore.....IBC did not contest my creditcard chargeback, NOR did Sam.

EverettB Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:03 am

I really don't like the sound of that or want someone using the site that is doing that sort of fraud.
I sent him an email about your latest posts in here and deactivated all of his ads for now.
He last used the site on Jan. 3, 2011 so he has used the site very recently.

Update: This was retracted as Sam responded to me immediately.

Sam Steel Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:03 pm

We are back because we don't have anything to hide.
We understand Brandon Johnson is annoyed because he didn't receive the goods he ordered.(430€)
300€ were withdrawn from our Paypal account on 1st December, and 130€ were withdrawn on 7th December.
We thought everything was finished then.
As it is not, these are the actions we are taking.
We'll email you the original receipt ( what we sent you was the delivery note, the document we had at that moment).
We'll ask to contact you.
We'll ask for a report in English to IBC, the American courier, from the moment the parcel arrived in the US up to now.
Today and tomorrow are holidays in Spain. So next week or the at the beginning of the following week we expect to have everything ready.
We'll contact Brandon Johnson and thesamba them.
We wish everything be finished by then.

KäferKrieger Mon Jan 09, 2012 6:59 pm

Please have the reports you request sent to me cc from their original sources as well. You mentioned in your recent email, a report from your friend @ IBC in Florida. Can you also ask them to mail me a copy that I can run past their headquarters in NY?

It seems rather lax to be saying that you're finally asking your courier for details 3 months later... so I'm still suspicious.
And I'll post the document that you scanned so interested parties can make their own opinion. You know the sketchy carbon copy with ink printed onto it after the copies were seperated.

And yes those Paypal transactions were completed ONLY AFTER creditcard initiated chargebacks. So there were no refunds made to my paypal balance only to my creditcard statement.

I'm only posting this so future buyers be forewarned of my frustrating experience.

KäferKrieger Mon Jan 09, 2012 7:43 pm

The PDF scan Sam emailed can be viewed here .
Note the ballpoint writing of Package Contents AFTER the carbons were seperated. It also looks like the package weight is only 0.1 Kilo.
But the most important thing is that SEUR website did not recognize the receipt #.

Björn Schewe Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:06 am

My collegue bought a set of taillights for his 1952 Split window. The delivery was very fast, the quality is very good

oval56 Tue Jan 10, 2012 1:28 pm

Björn Schewe wrote: My collegue bought a set of taillights for his 1952 Split window. The delivery was very fast, the quality is very good

same here bougth my split lights for my heb, later some lenses and heart tailligts and later the dual filamant bulb holders... everytime fast response, fast shipping and high quality of the product

Emiel Tue Jan 10, 2012 1:36 pm

got the hart lights ,super good quality and fast shipping.
recently got the split rear window section,also great quality and perfect fitment.
one point , next time weld the pieces all the way instead of spots and then bondo. welded it all the way myself.

Sam Steel Wed Jan 11, 2012 1:53 pm

Sam still is back again. We don't lie.

Thanks for the positive feedback. It is has been the usual FROM our first parcel to Stian Robert Stead,Norway,18-August-2008 and FROM our first parcel to the US to Russel Richins, San Carlos, California, 18-august-2008 TO our last order to Rob Applegate, New albany, Ohio, USA, 9-12-2011.

Brandon Johnson also made an order to us at the end of 2010. I'd never order a second time from a scammer.

As for the faky document he mentions. It is the delivery note on which I usually write things with a pen, things I need to remember,etc. I always receive the proper receipt days later.

We understand how annoyed he must be.But we have never lied. There was a misunderstanding somewhere in the chain from us to the US which has become bigger and bigger.

AMERICAN CUSTOMERS OF www. repuestossam. com

Can you give us positive feedback here. FORUMS/ BUYER AND SELLER FEEDBACK
Thanks again. to those who wrote without asking. Thank you very much again.

olivierfr Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:45 am

I bought a complete set of repro heart tailights from samsteel : fast delivery (in europe) and the product is a decent repro.

EverettB Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:30 am

Sam asked to post regarding the original transaction in this feedback thread.

Sam has sent me all the documents regarding that problematic transaction and I am not sure what exactly happened but the problem seems to lie with the shipper and not with Sam the seller.

Based on what he has sent and the other feedback above, I do not see any issue with ordering from this person, even if you are in the USA.

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