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j_dirge Wed May 16, 2012 7:29 am

My full Westy is now in a modified "Weekender" format. Pulled the kitchen 2 yrs ago.. and its has been out ever since.

Am currently building a shorter water cabinet so my middle bench seat can slide ALL the way in. 3 point belts all around.

Developing the modular approach.

No one format seems to work for all occasions... but its nice being able to haul 5 kids for Little League.. then pull the bench out for camping or material hauling.

Looking for quick disconnects to make the kitchen cabinet into a "portable" unit. Something that can be pulled and/or installed in 10 minutes or so. Still down the road on that one.

Jteerlink Wed May 16, 2012 7:34 am

a friend in the 'hood is currently selling his 01' full Westy camper due to lack of interior people space. He has borrowed my weekender during short camp trips and prefers the setup. I cant recall that I have ever been on a trip where I felt hindered by the weekender configuration and wished I had a full camper setup. I think the lack of fridge, stove and extra cabinet space has encourages us to pack more efficiently. A bit of extra space around the table and in the lower bed is a definite plus!

Love My Westy Thu May 17, 2012 9:06 am

When we bought our '86 Westy Weekender (Basic Camper) we spent the extra money to buy a 10' awning because we knew we would be camping out in all kinds of weather. We use a 3-burner Coleman stove, but I also have a 1 burner Coleman propane stove that is really easy to use and is all we need for hot water for coffee and hot cereal. We like cooking at a camp table when they are available in campgrounds. It's being outside that is our priority.

From reading many posts about rust, it appears that the full campers have more issues with rust that the weekenders. The moisture from the inside kitchen as well as the leaking seals from the hookup ports seem to be the problems.

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