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kamzcab86 Sun Jun 03, 2012 2:43 pm

Vanagon/Eurovan Picture, Video & Article Threads
(This list excludes event photos/videos and personal photos/videos.)
(See next post for current list of stolen vans.)

Articles & Blogs
Articles about Vanagons ~ magazine, newspaper, Internet
List of travel blogs
Forza Motorsport's Heavy Metal Affliction: Marius Strom's 1988 Vanagon Westy Syncro
Van vs. Wild

Putting Faces with Vans & Usernames
Putting Vans with Usernames (formerly the Frappr thread)

I saw one!
Vanagon Spottings/Sightings ("Have you seen one on the road lately?")
Vanagons in media: TV, film, games, comics, catalogs, magazines, print ads, etc.
Google Street View: Hey that's me! v.1
Google Street View: Hey that's me! v.2 - locked; please use v.1 thread to post in

Vanagons in the Wilderness
Vans by the Sea, Lake, River
Van Sunsets/Sunrises
Vans in the Dark
Vans in the Snow
Vans at Roadside Attractions
Campsite Photos

Index of Vanagon Repair Videos
Special Models
Porsche B32 Vanagon/T3
Mark III Vanagon conversion
Syncro Weekenders
Syncro Panel Vans
Official Syncro Doka Thread
Official 2WD Doka Thread
Official Syncro 16 Thread
Syncro 16 Single-cabs
Vans used for work
Vanagon Wall of Shame ~ the abominations thread
Pre-runner vans ~ off-roading 2WD rigs
Your Syncros in Action: Photos & Videos
Rallye Syncro
Vanagon YouTube Videos ~ personal, VW ads & promotional, technical, 2WD, 4WD, etc.
Show Us Your Gauges!
Show us Your Interior
Round Fog/Driving Lights
Bulley bars, Roo bars, & brush guards

Wrecks & Safety & Break-downs
Vanagon Wrecks, Failures and Fires
Vanagon Crash Photos
Show us your tow pics!
Eurovan crash test

Vanagon Diecasts, Toys & Models
Vanagon/Eurovan "FRONT of Your Bus" Photos
Vanagon/Eurovan "REAR of Your Bus" Photos
Pics of Dogs in Your Van
Show me your stickers!
Show us your mascot(s)!

The Vanagon Song

Factory Decals & Badges
Decal Files

How To Post Photos:

Your Favorite Quotes & One-liners

Funny significant other quotes thread
Favorite "for sale" ad quotes thread

"...but YAECT'ers are a special breed of asshat." ~tencentlife (YAECT = Yet Another Engine Conversion Thread)

"A working clock is useful to time the interval between breakdowns - a calendar lacks the fine resolution for that task." ~randywebb

"If we all remove our propane tanks then the terrorists have won." ~photogdave

Know of a picture thread or favorite quote not listed? PM kamzcab86 to have it added.

kamzcab86 Mon Dec 09, 2013 6:10 pm

Stolen Van Alerts

The vans listed below are currently missing. :(

If you see any of the vans listed below, please call 911 to report them.


Stolen from:

Van description:

Identifying details:


How To Post Your (or a friend's) Stolen Van
The Samba Stolen Van Tally (PDF tally coming soon)
Stolen Van Tally Map
NorthWesty TV interview re: stolen Vanagons

Theft-proofing Your Van ~ v.1 - locked
Theft-proofing Your Van ~ v.2

Adding a kill-switch ~ v.1
Adding a kill-switch ~ v.2
Adding a kill-switch ~ v.3

GPS locators

Know of a stolen Vanagon/Eurovan still missing and not listed? Know of a Vanagon/Eurovan listed above that has been found? PM kamzcab86 to have it added/removed.

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