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vwwestyman Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:06 pm

alman72 wrote: if it ripped the roof off the first one, it would have got the second one too. If there were not two destroyed vws in the fb pic you saw, it was another ww. or the trailer stopped after just the ww was destroyed. or it was just bad composition. I forgot my point.

No, the pic I saw of the WW on the trailer with two other buses, was posted in the comments of the pic of the torn off roof. The pic of the three buses, successfully towed, had a caption of "shoulda used me" or similar.

The idea being, "the person who was towing that bus with the torn off roof, should have called me instead, because I wouldn't have let that happen, and here's proof I can handle towing a bus."

lil-jinx Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:07 pm

Is the second bus on that trailer also a WW.the top paint and the spot on the bumper seem to match the color.

vwwestyman Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:10 pm

I think the second one is lame-o (compared to a WW) sage green.

Bill Sullivan Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:09 am

I was looking at the roof color on the middle bus but anyway.

67ctbug I was contacted this morning by Kyle in Arlington Texas and we have confirmed his Wild Westerner as being not the Sunset Customs Bus but a new found WW. Certification Decals Issued and mailed.

Thank you for the find.

Events for 2023 Spokane Birthday Bash so far:

Car Show and swap Meet
Poker Run (Not Poke her and Run as they do in Hollwierd)
Disco Bands lip sinc Show Tribute w/ disco dancers in appropriate attire.

Suggestions Welcome.

Until next time
Let it all hang out.

67ctbug Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:17 pm

Perfect, good to see another westerner found and added to the list.

Bill Sullivan Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:30 am

I am currently up grading our registry and would like to add additional (cool) information on each Wild Westerner such as:

Birthdate (date of mfg) and Port of Entry into the U. S.

Someone posted a link to a automatic m code decoder early on in this forum, and if anyone knows how to access it please share this with the rest of us.

I was looking at the weather for Spokane in late April and early May and it is a little on the chilly side so we may want to consider sweatshirts as well.

Rather than guess how many to have made and also guess sizes I'm thinking those who place their order prior to the event would get the tee shirts and sweats at cost. For people wanting to wait and purchase at the event will need to pay a slightly higher price

I may have found the owner of the Safari Wild Westerner that disappeared 2 years ago in Wadesboro, NC. Notification was sent and am currently waiting on a response.

Nothing yet on the one in Myrtle Beach, SC

May 1st 2018 we will start the countdown to Spokane. \:D/

vwwestyman Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:37 am

I could use a bright green hoodie!

I just double-checked, my WW's birthday is in exactly 3 months!

Bill Sullivan Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:43 pm

Cost may make it too expensive but a wind breaker with the two greens separated by the blue strip in the middle would be beyond kool.

I gotta break wind..

Gotta go..


Bill Sullivan Mon Feb 19, 2018 7:07 pm

Attention :

I received a call from a gentleman in Columbus Ohio earlier stating that he has a Wild Westerner for sale.

It turns out to be the one sold and lost in Florence Alabama abt two years ago.

I am waiting on pictures and a price.

Do we have anyone at this time wanting a Wild Westerner that may be interested ? If so send me a pm and I will give you his cell number. I don't feel I should put his number out for the world to have, just interested buyers.

He says it runs and is drivable with little rust.

Bill Sullivan Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:37 am

Wild Westerner for sale in Ohio.

It is a project because someone had painted it Blue and White, also it has an up right engine instead of the flat 1700 engine.

I will say this it doesn't have much rust from what I can tell.

The owner is older and has no way to send pictures however if you go to the samba Member list and put in holdenmyown you will see the pictures of two years ago.

Owner is asking 2 grand and needs gone in a week.

If interested send me a pm or call me and I will respond with a telephone number for the seller.

vwwestyman Thu Feb 22, 2018 11:48 am

Don't have time to link up all the pics directly right now, but here's his gallery:

From the paint flaking off, it seems there is a decent potential of being able to carefully remove that white/blue to reveal the greens again. You can see the shadow of the stripes.

I don't hate that color combo, if it weren't painted onto a Wild Westerner!

Cap10323 Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:06 pm

What about this as a T-Shirt idea?

It's slightly more costly to make than CTbug's design, but it's definitely doable, I used to work at a silkscreen/dye shop and we did stuff like this all the time.

Bill Sullivan Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:13 pm

You may recall in one of the pictures of the Wild Westerners on the assembly line that one had the round or beetle engine. I wonder if this is the same one :-

I would like to take a minute to explain how important these certification decals are. Many Wild Westerner buses get bought , sold, traded, swapped, given away and or left to rust away.

On many occasions sellers will drop the ball and forget that it is a Special Edition and or buyers forget that it is a Special Edition and they go missing in action.
I am very passionate about saving these buses to the point that some may call me anal abt saving them. It is difficult when they get sold and lost and sometimes impossible to find them (AGAIN).

By having these decals it tells anyone that comes into contact with a Wild Westerner hey look at me, I'm special . This is why at my expense to send out free certification decals to help preserve these critters. So if you own a Wild Westerner and have not requested decals please do so.

It is my mission in retirement to devote most of my time to finding and hooking up these buses laying around with people whom have the desire to own and drive a Vintage Special Edition VW Bus.

If you are concerned abt me having your address just use a work address, my address, cell number, email address is scattered all over this forum.

You will like the next roll out of the registry for I plan to have additional cool information attached on each bus.

Please look at the bottom of this post and you will see that i have Germany with 2 Wild Westerners, Canada 1, Mexico 3 and so forth. By knowing where these buses are within the U.S.A I plan to post SC 2, NC 2, Fla 1 and so forth.

Then when you see there is another owner in the state you live in, then you could go to the registry and see where they are and possibly meet up at drive in restaurant or whatever.

This all about having a group of devoted owners (in all parts of the world) sharing and enjoying their own Special Edition Bus with like minded people.

We are International now with a common cause =D>

Thank you for taking time to listen to my plea to save these buses and please send me your info so i can mail you these decals.

Send by cell if you want.
Picture of m code plate with name and address.

Its five o'clock somewhere. \:D/

vwwestyman Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:56 pm

I like that T-Shirt idea for sure! Maybe with a screened print of a WW on the back?

67ctbug Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:57 pm

I like that shirt too, but how would we screen print the westerner on the back? wouldn't the colors blend?

vwwestyman Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:04 pm

67ctbug wrote: I like that shirt too, but how would we screen print the westerner on the back? wouldn't the colors blend?

Maybe just as a line drawing, with filled in stripes. That would set it apart a little.

67ctbug Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:05 pm

vwwestyman wrote: 67ctbug wrote: I like that shirt too, but how would we screen print the westerner on the back? wouldn't the colors blend?

Maybe just as a line drawing, with filled in stripes. That would set it apart a little.

vwwestyman Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:09 pm

A couple years ago a (now former) girlfriend tried to have a shirt made for my birthday. It was made with three shirts, cut apart and sewn together for the two greens and a blue stripe. It wasn't totally accurate though. And we aren't together any more. Those two things may or may not be related.

Just kidding, it was a very thoughtful gesture.

Collie Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:10 pm

:lol: :lol:

vwwestyman Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:12 pm

Maybe just a logo in the upper corner of the front that looks similar to the decals?

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