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cellerdoor Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:01 am

My transaxle is away at AA for a rebuild and I have taken the clutch and flywheel off to replace the rear main seal, o-ring, needle bearing, and felt seal (or do the deisel bearing).

Probably need to resurface the flywheel while im in here. The PO had replaced the clutch twice in 200k miles (both within the last 50k miles) but there is no mention of the flywheel being resurfaced.

Pics below. I guess Id prefer to find a local shop to do this rather than buy a reconditioned one from the vendors since the flywheel is in good condition and is only discolored (plus its cheaper/faster)

Anything special about resurfacing a vanagon flywheel? Can any professional shop do this or do I have to be extra careful?

dhaavers Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:11 am

A good pro shop knows what to do. It's called a "stepped" flywheel.
They'll resurface the clutch face as well as the mounting face for
the pressure plate. Need to keep the same distance between the
two, but I don't know the spec...

Definitely good work to have done while you're in there.

PS: If you're wondering about the groove in your hub, check out my thread:

...Just don't mention it to TK... :roll:

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