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Beeble1 Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:38 pm

After recently buying a sapphire XVIII for my super beetle, I would like to install it in my dash. However, I would like to install another functioning radio in my glovebox. Is this possible, since I have the glove box divider? Is it possible at all?

bowtiebug Mon Oct 07, 2013 7:10 pm

here are a couple options .

andk5591 Tue Oct 08, 2013 4:44 am

If you are not really going to use a radio, you can simply install and amp under the seat and run a wire up to a 1/8" connector under the dash for an MP3 player.

RottenApple Tue Oct 08, 2013 5:10 am

I have seen someone use an amp with remote volume and remote on off then fitted the two remotes in place of the two dials in the old radio. Looked easy enough if u dont mind fiddling with the old radio and looked a factory when done then I pod hooked up to the amp for music control.

djkeev Tue Oct 08, 2013 5:20 am

Here us my 1974 Super audio system....... All my music comes from my iPhone. IF I want radio, I use a radio App.

The blue button on the dash is a Bluetooth receiver for voice and music.......

Here is the glove box open showing the Amp.........

And my speakers.......(taken during installation)......


robwa10 Sun Nov 17, 2013 5:06 pm

Hey Dave just wondering what kind of bluetooth receiver you used. I like that idea as I don't use radio unless its from my phone.

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