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Dono Power Mon Dec 22, 2003 2:17 pm

I hate to throw anyone under the bus, but, I have tried to contact Jacks Bug Hut in Clovis NM about a couple of parts I ordered and paid for but He will not return calls or emails. I have left several messages and emails and to no avail. I sent payment on Dec 1st and no response or parts since then. He offered to send these parts free but I felt obligated to pay him for his trouble and shipping costs. All I needed was a couple of decent 6v gen straps. The ball is in his court. Just be careful if you guys deal with him. If he will contact me and discuss this with me, and there is a valid reason for the lack of follow up on his part, I will retract this post. He has since put ads on the classifieds since I have been trying to contact him. I thought maybe he had health trouble or who knows. If he can post ads on the classifieds, he could contact me or ship my stinking parts!!!!

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