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gimmesomeshelter Sat Sep 27, 2014 10:04 pm


I've always been a bit amazed at how many possible carbs we can put on our engines. I would like to suggest a sticky if we can come to some agreement regarding their attributes.
Mod Edit: Agreed - Now a Sticky.

Weber DCN
Good – Compact, documented vintage speed history
Bad –Limited support, tends to flood during hard cornering.

Weber Sand cast
Good – Rare/cool
Bad – Obscenly expensive

Weber IDF
Good – Widely available at reasonable prices.
Bad – May be too young (1966) to be truly vintage speed

Dellorto DRLA
Good – Very nice transition circuit
Bad – Part availability is so-so, and may be too young to be truly “vintage speed”

Zenith 32NDIX
Good – Long wearing, compact, and a very nice transition circuit.
Bad – Part availability is so-so, fairly expensive to source and rebuild, manifold options are limited
Links -

Solex P40-II
Good – Cool looking, great if you like to run your engine in the 3-6K range. The best of the bunch are split shaft models (better progression circuit and independent idle/main circuits) converted to single shaft.
Bad – Part availability is so-so, throttle shaft bushings wear out, rebuilds can run 1500 USD.

Solex 32 PCIB
Good – Vintage speed credibility, reproductions available at reasonable prices
Bad – 1BBL carb, originals are expensive, fit and finish of reproductions are so-so

Solex 40 PCIB
Good – Vintage speed credibility (used on Porsche Pre-A 1500 Super cars)
Bad – Very rare/expensive, 1BBL carb



henry roberts Sun Sep 28, 2014 2:16 am

Weber 46 IDA ex Porsche 90# race motors

Good - serious race pedigree, look good, serious flow capability

Bad - very rare, very expensive, physically large, serious flow capability, like progression modifications to help tame them for street use.

Weber 48 IDA

Good - easily available, race pedigree, look good, serious flow capability

Bad - physically large, serious flow capability, like progression modifications to help tame them for street use.

Solex P40-II-6 ex Fiat (as opposed to the normal -4's ex Porsche)

Good - fit IDF manifolds, half the price of Porsche carbs (may also take IDF aircleaners, but I haven't checked)

Bad - Harder to find rebuild kits for, have cable chokes, use slip fit fuel lines with a twin fitting on one side, don't take the beautiful Porsche aircleaners, look more clumsy than the Porsche style, other probs as per the Porsche variant. late 60's?

henry roberts Sun Sep 28, 2014 5:22 am

Solex 32 PCI

Good - use the same twin carb linkage style as a 28 PCI set up, less jets than a PBIC (hopefully simpler to jet), rebuild kits available, the breakable bit (e-tube holder thingy) is the same as a 28 PCI.

Bad - uncommon, still not a direct visual swap for a 28 PCI.

at least 2 variants.

VW industrial? motor. 32 PCI 1 has VW linkage arms and the clamp base for the choke cable. no idea if it has a vacuum line port or not.

Lloyd Alexander. 32 PCI no choke cable mount. no vacuum line fitting. different linkage arms but the vw ones bolt straight on. screw fitting fuel line. mount studs fitted to carb base, spaced +/- 59mm (note: different to the 32 PBIC's measured)

jetted when it arrived to me:

vent 24mm plastic

main: 120

idle: 50

VW (pics from the classifieds)

Lloyd Alexander

there are also Solex 34 PCI's out there.

henry roberts Sun Sep 28, 2014 7:40 am

french made Solex F32 PBIC variation notes

all bar the PBICc (mine missing it's throttle shaft etc) have full round throttle shafts, not thinned with flat milled areas like the 32 PCI. the shafts look to be brass.

all bar the PBICT (missing it's top) have slip on fuel lines with built in filters before the float valve. these carbs have a smaller single entry for the choke air bypass unlike the larger divided entry on carbs shown in the original post.

all have mount holes in the base spaced +/- 60mm apart.

the jetting details are to help id potential spare part sources. I wasn't game to pull the E-tubes, otherwise, if it's not listed, it either isn't marked or is missing.

F32 PBICT ex Simca P60?

big "Autostarter" choke mech with at least one extra gallery in the body near the choke.

venturi: 24mm metal.
idle: 45
starter fuel jet: Gp 50
accelerator pump no: 72
"starter" jet: 115
float valve 1.5
float weight: 5.7

F32 PBICA ex peugeot 403 and others.

has 2 lines running into the carb body just above the throttle shaft. look to be water for carb heating. I think it could be cut away for cleaner looks, but it would be quite a lot of work.

2 carbs.
venturi: 23mm 1 plastic 1 metal.
main: 120
idle jet: 45
air correction: a 170 in one an 180 in the other.
starter fuel jet: Gs 105
starter air jet: 5.5
accelerator pump jet: Gp 45
accelerator pump body no: 72
acc pump spray tube: 50
float valve 1.5
float weight 5.7

Solex F32 PBICc ex citroen ID 19?

this looks to be the best/easiest to fit on a VW.

Venturi: 23mm metal
main: 120
idle: 45
air correction: 180
starter fuel jet: Gs 105
starter air jet: 5.5
accelerator pump jet: Gp 45
accelerator pump body no: 72
acc spray tube marked: 50
float valve: 1.5
float weight: 5.7

sorry no pic but it looks like your normal PBIC with a cable choke attachment.

all pics pinched off the internet as the carbs I have are "as found" aka filthy.

I hope this is of some help.

henry roberts Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:40 am

Weber 35, 38 & 40 DCNL

35mm fitted to some Lancia Flaminia's and competition Tatra's 603's

38 and 40mm fitted to various Maserati's

if anyone knows more about these please post.

Good: small throttle bores more suited to our engines, unless you hang out with the old Maserati/Lancia crowd you will probably never ever park next to someone else running them.

bad: rare, I can't imagine too many people that know anything about them.



pics from off the net as I have never even seeing one.

henry roberts Sun Oct 19, 2014 3:31 am

Weber 36, 40, 42, 44 DCNF

the DCN's (slightly) younger brother, available in sandcast (rare/$) and diecast (readily available)

40mm seems to be the most common.

Good: far more common than DCN's, available in a variety of throttle bores, fixes for the flooding issues documented, heaps of manifold options for later dualport motors, may be able to modify stefi g's okrasa NDIX manifolds to work, awesome looking cast velocity stacks available s/h, other +'s as per the DCN

Bad: uses different main jets to IDF/IDA's, a wide variety of sub models so making a pair from singles takes care. other -'s as per the DCN


DCNF's use a 4 bolt manifold as opposed to DCN's that use a 3 bolt.

DCN manifold.

DCNF manifold

a DCN/DCNF comparison picture from the gallery

all pics off the net.

henry roberts Sat Dec 06, 2014 6:12 am

came across some potentially useful info, parts and spares while poking around riechart's web site.

solex PCI/P11-4/PBIC/PCIB and zenith NDIX jets
+ new solex emulsion tube carriers!

linkage kits/parts fuel line hardware

new PCI and NDIX airfilters

henry roberts Sun Dec 07, 2014 6:45 pm

an update on SOLEX P40-11-6's

they do share the air cleaner mount bolt spacing for WEBER IDF's and DELLORTO DLRA's:

67.5mm on one side and 112.5 on the other with the centrelines 62mm apart.

if the mods want to edit this into the solex P40-11-6 post that would be great.

Mr. Okrasa Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:15 pm

Weber DCM / Sandcast

Used in high performance applications such as Porsche 550 Spyders. This carb was desired for the competition Denzel 1500cc cars.
I stole these for $6500. Last set I found for sale, they were $10k+

ponypower42 Tue Apr 19, 2016 7:54 am

I have the exact pair, are you interested in another set.

TomSimon Wed Jul 27, 2016 4:19 pm

Let's not forget the infamous Fish carburetor. I have a new one in my parts stash, made specifically for the VW engine.

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