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doonkoon Sat Oct 04, 2014 9:35 am

Hi guy's, need a little help with dist. I have 76 FI with dvad duel advance I think it advance has a problem with the retarded side of it. Anyway being I have that set up it has to be set at 5 ATDC initial timing so don't lean out the motor. I was wondering about a few different dist. and not sure of difference etc. One is the VW06, another DST 946 and 009. So not sure which one is the better of the 3 and wondering if should get one with single vacuum, no vacuum? and if no vacuum what would the initial timing be set at? I was told 10 degrees advanced? and I guess with the single advance be set at 5 or 7 BTDC? Also wouldn't this give me better gas mileage and also more bottom power? Thanks Frank

HRVW Sat Oct 04, 2014 9:59 am

:( Dual Vac dist was 5 degrees ATDC but if the RETARD (bigger hose) is not working with a possible leak just remove the hose...block off the nipple at the intake box with a small piece of hose with a screw inside of it and set timing to 7.5 degrees BTDC :) ...should work fore you.

Randy in Maine Sat Oct 04, 2014 11:27 am

Here is the test of the vacuum retard. Set the timing to 5 ATDC and remove the retard line at the distributor vacuum canister. The timing should immediately jump to 7.5 BTDC. Reattachment should immediately bring it back to 5 ATDC.

A better way to time your existing DVDA to act like a SVDA would be to unhook the vacuum lines and set the timing to about 30 BTDC when all of the centrifical advance it has to offer is all in at about 3800 RPMs. Let it loaf back to idle and then just use the advance line. Plug the retard line at the throttle body.

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