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daroota Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:12 pm

So I had my BA6 sitting outside the van for sometime after I bought everything. (it wasn't installed in the van when I bought the van)

After 2 years I was pretty sure I found all the little missing parts, and tubes. I installed what I could, and hired GLI Autowerks to install the rest while doing a few other things that were just easier for them than I in a condo without a garage.

Anyway, after it was all installed, they determined that the combustion blower wasn't feeding the fuel pump electricity to get gas. I had them put it all in anyway and I'd remove the blower later and fix it myself if I could... it's broken already, there's no harm. Also I should note, that I feel that the ba6 manual makes me feel confused because there's no defined order that I could tell about what to unscrew in such and such order.

So taking it out of the Van was easy.

Ground wire that attaches to the screw on the side of the blower under the rubber cap

This connector only goes on one way

Here's the blower out of the vehicle, remove the sing bracket that holds the top on. It will slide off loosely

Start wit removing this hex screw through the little hole:

After the top should slide off like so:

The bottom should have a flathead screw, remove it and the bottem is exposed

There is a contact switch here that runs the spark, which is moved by the rotation of the spindle at the center. Make sure the contacts show connectivity, I used a probe and a spare 12v battery

Contact is at the bottom of this photo:

Here's the spark assembly with the 2 screws removed, there's not much adjustment that can be done on this one. I cleaned the contacts up a bit, but they were working for me before.

remove the metal retainer clip, it's easy.

Now this housing should slide right off (with some force/help)

It will now look like this:

This ring will go back on the same way, so keep that in mind:

The rubber band will slide off, I used a flat head to get under it and loosen the rubber.

And now remove the top rubber seal

Now remove the screw at the top here:

This will expose the Fuel switch contact and assembly:

Again I used a probe hooked up to the ground of a 12v battery, and positive hooked up here:

I used my probe here:

the top contact was hot, but the bottem wasn't contacting right. I removed the bottom contact (make sure you remember the order of isolator washers,) washed it and scrubbed it, and lined it back up to the top contact after putting it back in. Still no contact with my probe. So I removed the top contact (because I have the bottom lined up I know where to align it after.) I scrubbed it also and put it back in and I had contact. (make sure you align it correctly) YAY!

Reassemble in reverse.

My probe setup:

And I believe this is the air intake for controlling the airflow, it attaches to the large side hole when all assembled.

Notes: All the cleaned I using dish soap and vinegar, as it is rubber save, and removes grime nicely

If I missed anything let me know.

daroota Sun Mar 08, 2015 5:17 pm

And I've now installed it, and it works! Lots of heat!

However when I removed it I found that this component wasn't hooked up to anything.

Any suggestions on why this wouldn't be hooked up? Is this a DA6 heater component? (I wiped down the service tag and the body is of a DA6 heater, but it is working on gas)

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