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dub84 Tue Mar 10, 2015 1:47 am

My wife and I are currently in your beautiful country and have travelled as far as jervis bay... By Friday... We should be in Melbourne.

We were hoping you might be able to recommend camp site that are a little more private and a little less caravan central. We are used to driving in to a campsite with trees etc or beaches so we were hoping southern Australia might have something similar or better.

By no means is this a diss on campers it's. Z if this is the norm than we will embrace it!

Many thanks in advance!!!

boof1306 Tue Mar 10, 2015 3:53 am

Welcome dub84. There is a variety of camping options in Australia just as all other parts of the world. The caravan parks are always easy to find, especially on the coast and yes they are not exactly a nature experience. National parks are probably what you are looking for. Managed sites with minimal facilities (usually just a toilet). If you are going to be in Melbourne this week and coming around the coast you should try Croajingolong National Park. It is truly beautiful.
Let us know your rough dates and the way you are heading and I may have some other suggestions. Are you in a campervan? Greg

dub84 Fri Mar 13, 2015 3:32 pm

Hi Greg!

Thanks for your response, we had been out of cellular service the last little while.

I can speak of two places we have stayed that totally blew out minds

1) Pebbly Beach is totally underrated. It hardly made any of our books we were reading. It's in a national park and right on the water in a beautiful cove. The plus? (Other than the natural beauty) kangaroos are chillin on the beach!! We counted at least 35 during our morning coffee. $27 for park fees and we ended up staying two nights. Very secluded, only 5 campervan spots but amazing and far different from the caravan experience.

2) Point Hinks which I think is in the park Greg suggested (and I can't pronounce) this is a longggg drive through a narrow road and wooded area. Long enough to think we would never be seen again :lol: the result of such a drive was A beautiful, absolutely seclhded campsites shrouded in forest. A small walk through the woods brought us to the most amazing sand dunes and crashing waves. We were the only two people on this gorgeous beach all day. It was spectacular.

We are in sorrento until Sunday and plan to drive the great ocean road. Hoping there are some good national parks there too.

boof1306 Sat Mar 14, 2015 2:19 pm

Hi again. The great ocean road has become a fairly big tourist attraction with plenty of hire vans driving up and down and most of them staying in caravan parks. If you want to stay near the beach they are probably your only option. The council run ones right on the foreshore are the ones we go for. The Wye river foreshore one is great. It has a new shower block and is right on the beach. Just remember to take in drinking water. We buy one of those 10L ones from the supermarket.
The Great Otway National Park is the other option. Away from the beach but lovely considering the proximity to Melb and the coast.
Where to after the GOR? Driving to Sydney to drop off the van?

furrylittleotter Sun Mar 15, 2015 10:34 am

Sounds awesome! Post up what works out for you!


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