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grandpa pete Sun May 03, 2015 3:50 pm

I saw a post from hitest with a signature line that had 8 VW's
so which one of you is the TRUE VW NUT ......

How many RUNNING / DRIVEABLE VW'S do you have ???

Grandpa pete has one 63 three fold raftop ( the type 6 is not running at this time )

Zylinderkopf Sun May 03, 2015 4:09 pm

I only have three, but all of my VWs are running very well.

buguy Sun May 03, 2015 5:05 pm

At the rate im going I should be right up there soon enough.

Nevada Notch Sun May 03, 2015 6:26 pm

I only have one VW currently but it gets at least 50 miles a weekday on it. That should count for at least 10....LOL :D

But seriously, the most running VW's I have ever had at one point in time was only three. All were daily drivers. :D

retroman Sun May 03, 2015 6:50 pm

I have only 2. Currently on a 1500 mile road trip in my vanagon. Have a 1500 mile trip this summer in the 67 bug.

hitest Sun May 03, 2015 7:37 pm

Hello Grandpa Pete. My list has 4 registered and insured drivers: the '62, 63 and '71 beetles and the '74 Thing. The '65 Westy will be 5th on that list in about 2 weeks! The '65 DC will be sprayed in primer this week! The '66 deluxe is in "I have no excuses why it's not running yet" mode in my garage. :cry: The '62 vert is the long term, ran when I bought it project (I put it on the back burner when the deluxe arrived!). Here's a pic of the running beetle lineup:

cdennisg Sun May 03, 2015 8:51 pm

Two air cooled, one water cooled. Not currently insured for all of them, but winter has a tendency to cause that issue around here. All will be on the road legally soon enough. maybe one more air cooler, too.

gt1953 Mon May 04, 2015 7:52 am

All three of mine run and are driven. 68 72 73 all standards type 1.
Next week taking the 73 from Arizona to Kansas City Mo.
Who else would do a trip like that?

60ragtop Mon May 04, 2015 8:05 am

gt1953 wrote: Who else would do a trip like that?
ME :lol:
I have a 60 and a 70. next week the 60 is getting driven down to Denver and the 70 makes 2-3 trips to Bonneville depending on the rain, each year. No, not that I don't drive it in the rain :wink: only when the rain closes down the racing.
+ my wife and I take a 10-14 day camping trip in either one each year. once 4K in 2 weeks with the 60 thru 11 states and 2 years ago the 70 went to Saskatoon to see Brad and the boys.

Brian Mon May 04, 2015 8:36 am

Probably Bernard

OvalinAz Mon May 04, 2015 9:33 am

My buddy who passed had 31 vw's and I think he had 10 or 11 running and driving

thomas. Mon May 04, 2015 5:38 pm

'62 bug and a '66 Westy and just barely have room for those. I don't see where folks make the space for the multiples.

ebenasky Tue May 05, 2015 1:07 pm

Three running and licensed - '74 Super, '64 Sedan, '71 Transporter. The '60 and '70 sedans are "in process".

My wife cut me off at 5 ACVW's. :?

Joey Tue May 05, 2015 1:28 pm

All four of mine are licensed, insured and all run and are driven.

Bret2094 Tue May 05, 2015 8:29 pm

just two running for now, but my fleet will see 2 more runners by august


halimjimmy Mon May 18, 2015 1:38 pm

I have 1974 licensed and insured , great driving

Malokin Martin Mon May 18, 2015 10:09 pm

Was this one a single person's collection?

EverettB Mon May 18, 2015 11:48 pm

That looks like BBT.

If so then yes, it's technically owned by one person but a lot of them are for sale. His stock changes regularly as they buy & sell cars.

Of course some of those are keepers too.

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