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Bret2094 Thu May 14, 2015 4:51 pm

Most of the other forums have a projects list, so I decided to compile a list of all Projects that have been posted on in the last year, just as a good start. With my upcoming projects, I started looking for good material to learn off of and quickly found that it had not been organized and a list did not exist in the extent that I wanted, so i created this massive list. Maybe It could get turned into a sticky for others? I have tried to separate them by year as best I could. If someone has an new/old or even finished project that is not on here, comment and let's get it added. Whether it be a project, build, restoration, resurection , or preservation, all are welcomed.

Post a reply in this thread to have a link added

July 1955
1955 Single Cab Resto
1955 The Story of Vern
1955 PGSG bus or the Story of Sleeping Beauty
55 11 window from OZ
55 23 Window Restoration
55' Wolfsburg Samba
After 10 years of sleep, woke this panel 1955
55 SC paddock
Delta 55 SC from Australia

1956 Sunroof Kombi Restoration
1956 subhatch
56 Kombi back to blue...
'56 PGSG Wolfsburg project - here we go!
56 Logoed Panel with custom highroof, river rescue in AK
1956 Windowbus Kombi
New Bus- '56 Springframe Westy!
56 wolfsburg deluxe project (3/26 final pictures )
1956 RHD Wolfsburg Kombi Resto
September 55 Std Microbus build thread
'56 Single Cab Preservation
1956 Wolfsburg single cab low key low dollar renew

Joe's 1957 Double Door Panel Build
'57 DD panel to Deluxe 23 window electric conversion
57 RHD Type 2 panelvan.
Should I buy this 57/58 Bus in Alaska?
57 PG/SG shrub bed find
'57 Panel VIN 238577
My '57 POS
Rob's Late 1957 Standard Project
57 Single Cab repair from Austria
My new 1957 PGSG microbus...
57 Panel Project
238506 Type II - 1957 23-Window Deluxe
My '57 Standard sunroof build.
My 1957 Euro Deluxe
57 Kombi

My 58 15w by Sept 15th (maybe)
'58 PGSG project
June '58 Kombi
March '58 Westy resurrection
1958 "Coram Rug Works" Bus
58 15 window restoration progress
Easy's '58 walk through panel build
My new 58 kombi
58 Westy Restoration
Logo'd 1958 Sunroof Kombi
June 1958 custom camper
1958 Louisiana Subhatch Westy
Early 58 Walkthru Kombi
1958 Euro Exchange (PGSG)
Big Island 58 double cab build
58 PG/SG Walk thru project
1958 Ambulance
Luc's 1958 15-window resurrection...
1958 11 window build
One of the Luckiest days of my life - '58 15-Window
1958 OG Paint PG/SG Bus

1959 Single Cab Restoration Thread "Funky Truck"
Neil's 59 panel build thread
Wash. DC '59 Swivel Project
1959 Mango Westfalia SO-23
"BulliBill's" 1959 Double-Cab restoration...
1959 Standard Micro with 24,000 original miles.
59 panel van conversion to 15 window deluxe
59 dove blue camper build, Camper guys: Input appreciated!
59 Double Cab restoration by Smitty's
1959 Single Cab Project
1959 15 window Build
Oct '58 ('59 model) 15 Window Deluxe back on the road
59 23 window comes home
Australian Custom 59 11 Window
1959 Dove Blue Kombi rebuild
Texas to Shasta Snow Trip 2017 1959 Bus
My August '58 SO-23
My '59 Mango Split Bus Project
The 1959 Franken Project
1958/59 Foreign Car Guide Westy!

1960 Single Cab The Farmers Friend
60 Single Cab Build-Pics
1960 23 Window Deluxe restoration
1960 15 window clean up
My 1960 SWR Single Cab Project...I'm a Bus Virgin
The Armadillo. 1960 Double Cab.
1960 15 Window Revival
1960 Double Door Panel
1960 Sealing Wax Red Panel
1960 swivel seat UPS panel bus
'60 15w walkthru (not suitable for purist ;) )
1960 walkthrough kombi
1960 Double Cab resto -Dove Blue- - Pics
'60 Sunroof Swivelseat Kombi
1960 Double cab full resto
1960 DEADHEAD Bus... Went to Woodstock
1960 icekoffee's Double door panel build
60 Panel Accident Repair
L345 SO23 (1960) Resurrection
1960 SO23 Westy

Found 61 swivel seat camper
The Smile Bus - '61 SWR
1961 SWR Double Cab Field/Barn Find Rescue - Pic Heavy
61 Mango is home
Refinishing a 1961 sk692A SO-23 Westfalia
My early 1961 sealing wax red single cab field find
Project Unlucky - 1961 SC
1961 ambulance project
My 1961 Double cab
1961 23 Window
1961 SD field find - JAEHN panel
Sweeet'ass splitt 61 project :D
Tip Top Fried pie 61dd
My 61 panel (and a 66 panel digout)
Forest Find 1961 Mouse Grey 11-Window Standard

The Melvan Bus (1962 Camper Conversion)
1962 Samba, Linda Lee
'62 Samba 23-Window Walk-thru Bus - OG Driver
1962 Double cab restoration by Stratton motorsports
'62 DC Patina
1962 SO34 Flipseat Westfalia "Build"
Finally! My '62 SC build!
SO-34 1962 wounded westie
62 Turkis Kombi Riviera Camper new project
62 Kombi driver
62 mouse gray / pearl white standard
1962 23 window full resto
1962 Panel Van in Madeira island Portugal

'63 Pearl White 15-Window with 8K miles
1963 23 Window Bus Restoration
1963 Single Cab Build
San Diego 1963 Double Cab "Gustav"
Deano's 63 Double Cab
My first split window bus. 1963 15 window
63 Standard walk-through build
1963 Yellow American School Bus Thread (Notre Dame)
1963 Finally found a Firetruck
1963 23 Window Kansas Forest Find
Revival 1963 Lennox Heat and AC panel bus
1963 Double Cab barn find
63 DC rebuild
63-64 My 23 window bus
63 Single Cab
April 1963 Mouse Grey \ Pearl White Walk Thru Deluxe Build
OG Paint Turkis 15 Window Deluxe. El Pavo 15
1963 15 Window resurrection

1964 The "Sunny Side Bus"
64 11 window frame and floor replacement
64 Dove Blue SO34 SubHatch FlipSeat
1964 21 window build
What was I thinking? / Restoration 64 Kombi
1964 Standard Turkis Restoration Project
I saved a 64 bus from the scrap yard today!
1964 Aussie 13 Window
1964 Got my bus back from the shop. Time to start building it up
64 sundial. What do you think?
1964 VW bus rebuild
1964 Bus Restore
Cjsmitty's 64 Turkis 21-Window Build
Mach 0 - My "New" 1964 Deluxe
My 1964 splitty.... picture heavy...
1964 Light Grey Kombi
64 Kombi restoration
Very rotten 1964 Split Panel
'64 Microbus Turquoise blue white Restoration
64' Microbus Dove Blue Restoration

1965 The Tuskegee Airmen deluxe
1965 Double Cab to 2011 Subaru WRX 2.5l Turbo w/ SubaruGears
65' Velvet Green Walk Through Build
My new '65 Sundial (field find?)
Brought home a 65 Panel.
1965 Kombi Rebuild Thread - PIC Heavy
My new Brazilian VW Bus Deluxe 1965 - Restoration.
1965 21 Window Restoration Thread (From old photos)
1965 single cab rebuild
'65 velvet green double cab restoration
65 Bus Restoration - "La Macarena"
New to the Splitty scene. Be gentle. 1965 Single Cab
65 SC Refresh
Bergs 65 21 window build
1965 My First Bus!
New 65 Camper
My 1965 13W Deluxe
'65 Single Cab (and rotisserie) build
Survivor '65 Westy
Shop Truck '65 Double Cab
1965 Double Cab project
1965 Samba Bus Restoration
65 Single Cab revival
Campbell, 65 13 window, SWR/BG, former SBS, now stock build
1965 11 Window Sundial Project
65 Panel from France
1965 Westfalia SO-35 Flipseat
"Helga" Matt's 65 bus restoration thread
1965 - Australian bus, ground up build

66 Velvet Green Single in MD
1966 Deluxe Fix-R-Upper Build Tread
1966 21 Restoration Started
66 slider
I am back into a Splittie! 66 13W deluxe. Added photos.
Daniel`s 66 Panel Van
1966 13 Window Deluxe
66 High Roof resto
Daniela's 1966 13 window walk thru deluxe
My 1966 Deluxe Project
1966 Velvet Green Standard Faux Westy
My first bus....66 Standard
1966 13w Deluxe Build
66 Deluxe Sea Blue Colorado
1966 DD Walkthrough Kombi project
66 Kombi Project
My 1966 Split Sea Blue Bus
1966 camper project
The journey of Heidi a 66 Westfalia
66 Westy Rescue
My 66 Deluxe Psuedo Barn Find
1966 Vermont Barn Find 2
'66 Procrastinator's Bus
'66 Custom Bus
1966 11 Window

1967 S0-42
1967 Deadhead Bus "Bessie" Resurrection
67 Kemperink Motor Home getting a facelift
Sea Blue Bus Blues ~my 67 preservation~
1967 "The Toaster" ~ Personal History and restoration
My New '67 21-window (Double Slider)
1967 Westy - Welcoming Myself Aboard
Canadian 1967 11 window restoration.
67 Standard Peach Kombi, West Palm Beach, FL
My 67 Splitty Resto (Painting Phase!)
My new 67 project
1967 Montgomery Ward/ Alabama Camper
67 Westy
Eskimo Tom's Lake Wobegon 67 Samba Renovation
My 67 13 window deluxe
First Bus at 18yrs old 67 panel (pics)
Found 1967 camper... finally did some work.
67 21 window
July 1967 13 Window-Saved from the junkyard
1967My new westy, correct curtains, and restoration
1967 Camper Conversion
My first bus - 67 Kombi - will be restored
Noob to the scene, here's My 67 Standard...
My 1967 SO42 project thread
My 67 Splitty Resto
1967 13 window deluxe
1967 panel becomes 11 window camper with Dormobile roof
ICE Breaker - converting a 1967 split to electric drive
67 Deluxe Resto Thread
Pedro's Bus - 67' sea blue standard
1967 13 Window Deluxe VW Bus called Eve
MicBergsma's 67 Bus Restoration Thread
1967 21 Window Lotus White Field Find
Project: Vandemic - 1967 13-Window
1967 Combi

Misc *Note these did not have a year beside them or were modified buses*
Rebirth of 23 window walk-thru Restoration
Advice on Single Cab Purchase
Mouse grey 21 window
The Splitzgauer, A true 4x4 Splitty.
Finishing up my 21
Kamper Kombi
Turkis 15 Window Deluxe (lots of pictures)
Double Cab Rebuild. Patch Panels and more.
Grumpy's Metal Work & Hardtop to 21/23
Chi-town 23 window restoration
My Ultimate Camper Build, Dormobile Top Conversion
Green Mountain rust bus!!
SO23 interior restoration

npbusguy Thu May 14, 2015 5:41 pm

Thanks for doing all that research.
This post should be made a sticky because it is the most comprehensive listing of bus restorations that I have seen here on the samba.

StockNazi Thu May 14, 2015 6:58 pm

Thanks for taking the time to list all the build threads by year.

This will be very helpful.

wrenchnride247 Thu May 14, 2015 7:08 pm

Yes, thank you for all the hard work.

Bret2094 Thu May 14, 2015 7:39 pm

Thanks guys, I only took 6-8 hrs on an off to get it done. Takes a load of time off of eb and helps tremendously when needing to answer a quick comparison question.



LAGrunthaner Thu May 14, 2015 7:52 pm

Thanks Bret for all that hard work, labor of love. It sure will come in handy for somebody's next build. Loads of great work and will come in handy on vacation :wink:

Bret2094 wrote: Thanks guys, I only took 6-8 hrs on an off to get it done. Takes a load of time off of eb and helps tremendously when needing to answer a quick comparison question.



EverettB Thu May 14, 2015 10:26 pm

Awesome, thanks!

I made it a Sticky earlier today.

There are already some Builds and "Special" threads listed in the Bus FAQ.
I'm guessing you got all of those Build in there as they are major ones but feel free to check it out.

woodslat Thu May 14, 2015 10:51 pm

Fantastic! Now that you're on a roll how about a list by color.... :shock:

sled Thu May 14, 2015 11:09 pm

please ad this

56 sunroof kombi

karl h Fri May 15, 2015 1:09 am

my 61 panel, see below

Bret2094 Fri May 15, 2015 5:36 am

EverettB wrote: There are already some Builds and "Special" threads listed in the Bus FAQ.
I'm guessing you got all of those Build in there as they are major ones but feel free to check it out.

I included all of them in the thread.

woodslat wrote: Fantastic! Now that you're on a roll how about a list by color.... :shock: How about hellll no. That's too much work right there.

sled wrote: please ad this

56 sunroof kombi

karl h wrote: my 61 panel, see below


Tom Mohr Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:09 am

EverettB Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:12 pm

Tom Mohr wrote:

Thanks - added

Alex1976 Mon May 08, 2017 4:00 pm

Could you add my '66 to this list? Here's the thread link. Thanks!!

EverettB Mon May 08, 2017 5:42 pm

Alex1976 wrote: Could you add my '66 to this list? Here's the thread link. Thanks!!


74volksrodwv Mon May 15, 2017 11:44 am

could you also add my 67 deluxe to this list? Thanks!

EverettB Mon May 15, 2017 4:40 pm

Yes, done!

silkvw Mon May 15, 2017 7:45 pm

Please add mine to the list. It might help someone:

It's a '59 bus.

EverettB Mon May 15, 2017 10:14 pm


EeVeeWee Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:44 am

Because of the Photobucket losers, I made a new site with the pictures of my project:[email protected]/

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