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KDF Baja Wed Feb 11, 2004 8:27 am

who sells decent tranny upgrade/rebuild kits? not to rebuild a stock to stock, but an old stocker to a better one, maybe with a superdiff and lower gearing. who sells these and what do they usually run?

Chris Dotson Wed Feb 11, 2004 3:58 pm

I know they have got to sell Hot VW's and dunebuggies magazine in your area. There are tons of ads for tranny gears and the super diffs. The super diff cost about $200 and the gears depend on what ratio you want and there are different grades of strength also that make them cost more. I would get a copie of Hot VW's magazines and go through the ads looking up different web sites. I did find a good site the other day that had all the little stuff to make a project actually become a reallity. Like the gears, axles, and springplates. McKenzie's performance products is the name of the place and I think the web address is There web site is kinda hard to use but they have all the good stuff that you never see in the magazines. I have been looking at Hot VW's since the '80's and alot of thoes ads look exactly the same now. It kinda sucks really, Hot VW's allways looks the same every year after year, from the advertisers to the page layout always look the same damn way. I still have a subscription though. Those dull looking mags still have tons and tons of good info in them. Most of the questions I have seen here on the forum have been covered in Hot VW's magazine. Look at all the ads and read about all the cars. Even the ones that aren't off-road cars still have usefull info that can be used in off-road cars. Like type 4 engines or bus trannies. From the sound of some of the post you have on the forum it sounds like you need to get as many copies of Hot VW's and dunebuggies as you can and check them out really good. Like I said there is tons of usefull information and tech help in every issue and they feature atleast one or two off-road cars each month.

bajaherbie Wed Feb 11, 2004 5:46 pm

order one completly built from transform or weddle (sp?). dont try to do it yourself, let the pros do it. spend a little more and get something that will last. tell them what size tires you have and what terrain you drive on and they will sell you what you need. you can return your old transaxle for the core charge or sell it on ebay....maybe.

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