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cartoonmonkey Mon Jun 15, 2015 1:26 am

I just had a very positive experience buying the missing piece to my 77 Westy. The sink / stove combo unit!

Steve was nice enough to wrap the thing as best he could, and truck it on down to his local UPS store, where it was shipped to me in the pacific northwest.

UPS didn't exactly treat it gently. A couple of small nails placed invisibly here and there, and I was back in action. No real major damage done. (I sort of expected it, what with the unit being made of such light wood anyway.)

He was the nicest dude through the whole thing, and it brought the missing piece to what has been a 20 year journey of putting together the last and most crucial part of my 77 bus.

The day the cabinet arrived, I found a 14 gallon propane tank at a yard sale for the price of FREE, including propane! If I take a single cabinet shelf out, it fits right in there perfectly. Now to wire up the sink pump, and the hose / drainage down through the bottom of the bus.

Thanks STEVE!
Great experience, and a good guy!

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