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Nathan Fri Feb 13, 2004 9:33 am

She needs a name, I've thought of "SUVW" and a couple others. The name may change later depending on what kind of shit she gives me when I finish her. But tell me what you think.

keifernet Fri Feb 13, 2004 12:22 pm

Why wait? POS now already! :P..... "CFPOS" :lol: :wink:

might ought to wait til it's finished before you name it... doesn't look like much yet :roll:

UncleBob Fri Feb 13, 2004 1:07 pm

How about 'The Squirrel?'

("Square-rail") plus, it's brown.

Big 7" round buggy headlights, Buck-Tooth Front bumper, and a big bushy stinger out the back.

No one would laugh, honest.


BigElipso Wed Mar 03, 2004 7:14 pm

I'd call it Steve :D

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