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52panelvan Wed Aug 26, 2015 1:29 pm

Well despite searching I couldn't find anything at all here about 29. Barndoor cab door locks, not even the part number seemed to be mentioned in the 29./29A thread and so I though I would post up a thread on my attempts to fix both of mine.
Basically I'm faced with two very crunchy, stuck but original locks on the Kohlruss project and while originally planning to replace them it seemed a shame to not give it a go as I only can find or have access to the later 211 up to 1960 type lock. The later locks I think are different in design inside but to what extent I don't know.

This is more of a plan to see if any one has any ideas on springs etc rather than a direct 'how to' so if you have done this before or have rebuilt one of these please add it in here and help me out!

First off I'm starting with the passenger side, the more "complicated" of the two with the locking mechanism.

So basically first up for reference is an over view of a 29.211.034 a(I think its an A)... Barndoor lock.


Just the tiniest of grinds to the peened over support . the other side had rotted through. Just a touch with a large drill bit on the two outer ones and it popped open no problem.

revealing this mess...(the oil is my over hopeful attempt to may be get it working but alas the springs were long gone)

And the inside of the "lid".

Strip down... under the coiled spring with the square centre sits the latch return spring, you can just see one end flat against the outer case

This spring sits over the latch return spring. it was in good shape luckily and I think is only in the passenger locking mech. It has a square inside edge and a little nudge with a hammer end got it moving.

under one of the other arms was this remains of a spring, I think it basically keeps the arm pushed upwards while allowing it to move during the locking part procedure

So here are all the internal parts out (excluding the rotted away spring in the picture above). At the bottom is the broken latch return spring.

This may be subject to change but here is how the lock looks in the "normal" position. eg Door shut and both inside and outside handles ready to open or lock the door

This is the lock when the handle is pulled (inside or outside handle) to open the door.

This is the lock when the inside handle is pushed to the lock position. (My finger shows where the outside handle pushes the mechanism from the other side just in case its not clear, should really have shown this on the other pics but I forgot). You can see the arm pivots and goes behind the part that the outside handle pushes and stops it moving if the outside handle is pulled...(the screw is just to replace the pivot in the main lock body)

Ok so I modifies a spring I found to make a latch return spring but I would love to know a source of these springs as I don't have one for the other side.

Here are the new springs I found knocking about in their locations. I will curve the end of the latch return spring to stop it catching as I think that's how it is on later locks before I assemble it.

like I say this is just a very rough guide as I stumble through trying to fix one of these, may be the pictures will be of use to someone. more soon



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