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TinCanFab Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:35 pm

So..... I had a pretty good running stock 40hp that was really a great runner in my daily for 1 1/2 years. I spent a few months going through it and all checked out well and looked to be a fresh rebuild, cut for a sand seal,etc. Then, this happened even though I never drove it hard:

The #1 bearing dowel hole of the case was the only damage I found. The engine ran terribly, but with that unmistakable sound. I've got a spare case I pulled out and here's my plan:

Replacement case gets all needed machine work, cam bearings
Reuse the NOS pistons/cylinders 77mm with 3000 miles on them
Send DPR 1500 crank I have for balance (counterweight maybe?)
New header
Aisin AMR500 supercharger for low boost
Stock 40hp otherwise with a 5000 ish rev limit
009 distributor w/CB Black Box

I want to emulate a Shorrock type install and need to make intake/discharge manifolds. So, my question is which of these stock carbs would you use, and why? I have:

Really nice fresh build 28 PICT
Core 30 PICT 1
Core 30 PICT 2
Core 30 PICT 3
Really low mile 34 PICT 3 missing some small stuff

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