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This thread will contain answers to common questions about Ghias, as well as links to common threads in the Ghia Forum. If you have a question and answer that should be added to the list below, please email or pm me and I will add it. Thank you.

Here is a very useful Ghia FAQ in .PDF format.

Before asking questions about your Karmann Ghia, do yourself a favor and purchase the Bentley repair manual for your year vehicle. This manual will more than pay for itself when you open the cover, and will save you, and others you seek for help, a lot of aggrevation. The Bentley manual can be purchased from either CIP1 at or the Bentley publishing website at

Useful/common threads:
Early door glass differences

Resources Here on The Samba:
(Click on any link)

VIN Numbers and Production Dates
M-Codes (what options came on your Karmann Ghia)
Wiring Diagrams
Paint and Upholstery Combinations
Production Figures (How Many Karmann Ghias Were Built Each Year)
Ghia Sales Literature
Ghia Books
Official VW Postcards

Q. Do Karmann Ghias and Beetles share the same mechanicals?
A. Yes, this covers the beam, the tranny, and the engine. The difference is that Ghias used disc brakes starting in 1967. Disc brakes can be installed on an early Ghia by using the spindles, splash guards, rotors, and calipers from a donor vehicle.

Q. Will a Late model convertible top (67 and later) fit on an early Ghia and vice versa?
A. No. The top and body panels whcih support it are completely different.

Q. Will a Ghia body fit on a beetle floor pan?
A. No the Ghia floor pan is almost 7" wider. The beetle pan will not work.

Q. When did Ghias become 12-volt?
A. 1967.

Q: How do I convert my coupe to a convertible?
A: You don't; you sell it and buy a convertible. The conversion, while theoretically possible, should not be attempted by anyone but an experienced professional, and will likely de-value the car in any event.

Q: What are the biggest wheels I can fit on my Ghia?
A: It varies from year to year, and even from car to car depending on whether the fenders gave ever been tweaked in an accident or the suspension has ever been lowered, etc. Generally speaking, 175 front, 195 rear. Rims size and offset is also a factor.

Q: How do I put different seats in my Karmann Ghia?
A: Most aftermarket seats use 'adaptor tracks' that slide onto the stock rails and bolt up to the seats (Scat Enterprises, Corbeau, etc.) Anyone with decent fabrication skills can make some kind of adaptor set up to mount other seats from other cars.

Q: Where can I see Ghia rocker photos?
A: See below:

A truly remarkable Ghia Convertible bodywork job

Q: What is a "Lowlight" Ghia?
A: An early Ghia (59 and earlier) has its headlights mounted approx 2" lower than the later models.

Compare the top edges of the front fenders on these:

Early (Lowlight) Ghia

Later Style

Q: Where Can I Find Information on My Car's Original Color and Interior?

A: Color charts can be found here on The Samba:

Q: What Do the Model Numbers Mean?

141--Left-hand drive Cabriolet
142--Right-hand drive Cabriolet
143--Left-hand drive Coupe
144--Right-hand drive Coupe

Q: How do I replace ball joints?
A: Please read this thread

Door strap replacement tutorial

Interior lights

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