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This thread will contain answers to common questions about Type 3s. If you have a question and answer that should be added to this list or a correction, please email or pm me and I will add/update the FAQ. Thank you. You can also refer to the Type 3 Buyer's Guide

If you are new to this section and want to introduce yourself, start a brand new thread with an introduction and talk about your car.

Common Type 3 Topics

-- Suspension/Lowering/Steering --
Type 3 front sway bars
How to Lower / Raise Front and Rear Suspension - With Photos
How do I lower my Type 3
How do I lower my Type 3 #2
How do I lower my Type 3 #3
Lowering and leveling the Type 3 - Videos
Type 1 Beam discussion
Type 3 Front Beam reconditioning guide
Left Tie Rod solutions
Steering Boxes - VW and TRW

-- Brakes/Tires/Wheels --
Type 3 wheels - photos and discussion
Tire sizing and wheel back spacing/offset
Type 3 vs. Type 1 wheels
Early slotted and smooth wheels, 1961-65
Early wheel cylinders
Beauty Rings
Porsche Wheels
Shocks - Original colors
Brake pedal template and push rod length

-- Electrical --
No Spark
Ignition removal
Threads with pre-68 ignition removal/install/rebuild information: Here | Here
Ignition discussion | Ignition tumbler discussion
Replacing 1971 ignition electrical switch
Converting from Generator to Alternator
Generator to Alternator conversion
Aussie style alternator for a Type 3
Push-button dash electrical discussion
Push-button dash rebuild
Clock repair
Separate turn signals in dash
Headlight switch service and repair
Turn Signal System 101

-- Engine --
Type I engine in a Type III
Type 4 in a Type 3
Squareback w/ automatic and a Type IV engine
Is this a Type 3 case?
1500 'S' M249 Option
Chrome exhaust tips
How to install thermostat and flaps into fan shroud
Changing the fan belt | Changing the fan belt
Rebuilding the fan
Oil Cooler seals
Type 3 Oil Coolers
How to: Mechanical AAR Auxiliary air regulator cleaning
Oil Filler Tube Details

-- Interior/Seats/Seals --
Guide to Type 3 interiors
Front seat removal
Rear seat removal
1967 and earlier automatic front seat release cable
Fastback pop-out seals
How to install window scrapers
Window Crank clips
Shift knobs
Rubber preservative/treatment
Fender Beading
Squareback cargo dimensions
Front Trunk Restoration
Type 34 Headliner Installation

-- Transmission --
Transmission codes
Transmission codes (External link)
Automatic Transmission Rebuild
Installing short axles
Shift rod bushing (Type 1 thread but very similar)
003 transmission - PDF (external link)
Automatic transmission parts reference (external link)
1968 Automatic Transmission Manual

-- Fuel system --
Stock jetting specs for PHN and PDSIT carbs
Type 3 Fuel Injection
FI video
Making a FI Fuel Pressure Gauge and other FI tools
Checking the gas gauge and sender
Fuel sender repair
Fuel sender options
How to rebuild an early Type 3 fuel pump
Gas tank cleaning | Gas tank cleaning | Gas tank cleaning

-- Metalwork/Paint/Body -- (also see Body/Paint forum)
Floor pans
Gerson "Green" Floor Pans / Other Metal
How to install Gerson pan halves
Fresh air drains
Notchback decklids
Squareback engine lid, strap, and hook
Engine lid insulation | Engine lid padding | Engine lid padding
Restoration of engine compartment lid hatch
Side Marker Location
Type 34 hinge rebuild
Hood stuck shut
Bumper brackets
Clutch cable tube repair
Antenna hole location
3-bolt hinges
Type 3 body cart
Accessory Bumper installation (VW Technical Bulletin)

-- Miscellaneous --
64/65 N vs. S models
TS Models 1964-65 Canadian S models
Sunroof production start / Earliest Sunroof Cars
Cleaning sunroof drain tubes
Roof racks
Exterior mirrors
License plate brackets
Type 3 Cabriolets/Convertibles
Type 3 Panel Vans

-- Vehicle Threads / Builds --
Please see:
List of Type 3 Projects, Restorations and Build Threads

-- Vintage Articles --
Science and Mechanics - October, 1961 - 1 2 3 4 5 6

Q. Can I put a Type 1 (upright) motor in my Type 3?
A. Yes, it fits as the Type 1 and Type 3 motors are basically the same. However, your cooling will be seriously affected. The Type 1 engine is designed for a sealed engine compartment while the Type 3 is not. For best results and long engine life, you would have to completely seal off the engine compartment with custom tin, as well as provide a way for fresh air to enter. That work, combined with the increased noise and loss of the rear trunk area, make using a Type 1 engine a poor idea.

Q. Can I put an pre-1969 engine in my 69-up Type 3?
A. Yes. Late model owners ('69 on) looking to replace their engine need to make sure the engine they want to swap in has the mounting bosses for the engine hanger. An introduction - Swing axles were used in the US until 1968, after that (beginning in 69) IRS was used. The swing axle used the 2 forks under the transmission, and a donut shaped mount up top. The upper mount is more of a vibration damper than a motor mount. The IRS uses an engine hanger that mounts to 3 bosses on the engine case itself, and 2 hanging brackets that are rubber insolated and attach to the body. There aren't any forks under an IRS (stock), this is because in 1969, the Automatic Transmission became available in the type 3. Since VW didn't know which trans was going to be used in each car, they redesigned the rear suspension to take advantage of both, and eliminated the forks.

Q. Do Type 3s run hotter than a Beetle or Bus?
A. No, this is a myth. Any VW engine will run hot if you do not have the proper stock tin and engine seals, some of which are often missing on all used Volkswagens.

Q. When were Type 3 produced?
A. 1961-73

Q. When were carburetors used on the Type 3?
A. 1961-73, with USA models switching to Fuel Injection (FI) in 1968. Dual carburetors became available in late 1963 for the 1964 models.

Q. When did the push-button dash end?
A. To Chassis No. 423 139. For the Type 34, to Chassis No. 425 852
Entry from VW dealer book Progressive Refinements:
29 Apr. 64 0423140 (twin carb.)
18 May 64 0425853 (Type 34)
Individual switches
Now: Pull push switch for windshield wiper motor with valve for windshield washer
Now: Pull push switch for lights with regulator for instrument panel illumination
Formerly: Press button switches

Type 3 Information available on The Samba
VIN Numbers
Paint and Upholstery combinations
Wiring Diagrams
Production Figures

Type 3 Information elsewhere on the Internet
Type 3 Registry -
Type 3 Wiki -
The 1500 Club -

Type 3 Parts Vendors
Bill & Steve's Webpage down but call (562) 923-3251 or Toll Free (877) VW_RESTO
* T3D - UK based
* VWType3.Org Classified/Want ads
* ISPWest
* Foreign Policy

Type 3 only Clubs/Websites/Forums
The 1500 Club
Type 3 & 4 Club - UK-based
Type 3 books and manuals - Including Fuel Injection (FI)

Fuel Injection (FI) links

The Type 3 FAQ is dedicated to RIP Russ Wolfe (1943 - 2011)
Russ' site with lots of manual and other scans

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Added a couple links above.

Unlocking so people can post here if they know of a thread to be added as I think this might be more effective since no one ever PMs me with new links. ;)

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I went through the first 3-4 pages and added any recent links.

Thank you.

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