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buggerdman Mon Oct 16, 2017 12:43 pm

hello all.
im a 20 yr old from Edmonton alberta. up in the great white north =D

I picked up this project in the spring and have been slowly working on it...thought I might share some of the progress with you all and start a build thread of sorts.

Starters. its called the Little Brown Trug...after the song. and the fact its a bug and a truck all at once.

Bought the beast for the grand sum of $300

and yes. its hacked, dirty, crusty, and beastly!!!! I think there is about 16 inches chopped out of the wheelbase

Thoughts anyone???? I have a crazy plan for this unit!

oprn Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:36 am

Good Lord that is ugly!

Lots of work ahead of you! Tell us what your plans are please.

Now here is what I would do if it was mine, I would add a set of wheels (just idlers, not powered) behind the existing rear wheels and run a set of operational stacks up the back of the cab. Find a type 3, type 4 or Corvair engine to keep the rear deck height down and put a 5th wheel on it.

In short, make a mini highway tractor out of it.

Now let your imagination take over on what kind of trailer to build. Flat deck car hauler, boat trailer, holiday trailer, cargo sled/quad hauler... ?

Or several of the above! Have fun!

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